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  3. Hello everyone my name is Almighty, Previously Keys in Vaders Fist on TM back in the day, I hope you all will like me and we can become good friends in the future. Some people might have already known me from the past in TM but not everyone, i try my best to role play well and i follow the server rules always. I'm friendly and I'm funny and my dream is that i can be apart of the server staff team someday as i did back in the day on TM, I enjoy helping others and creating fun and better environments for others and myself. I could use all the help i can get from everyone so that i can enjoy my time on TM once again and in this lovely community. Thank you everyone. I can't wait to see you all in The Museum on opening day!
  4. Last week
  5. Unfortunately we are unable to offer you a position. //locked.
  6. So long as my Shock troopers don't catch you dealing them Deathsticks +1
  7. Deimos


    Enough said in the title.
  8. Deimos

    My Birthday

    Ngl, im just hyping up my birthday early. I'll expect something, especially with such an early reminder.
  9. Just a survey for the EM team
  10. +1 Torin I've known you a long time and you are great at being an EM If you don't get accepted this server is dogshit
  11. Once I'm [INSERT BIG PENIS ROLE HERE] you can consider it done
  12. +1 Dave is obviously the worst choice due to him playing hentai so please do not accept this man my dudes
  13. +1 Likes Hentai and has a brain I think.
  14. Yeah my opinion hasn't changed still a massive +1 Best of luck with your application" Bort.
  15. Earlier
  16. Sorry boys, If you don't understand I wanted to mess around with something new
  17. Oh for sure, im positive practical skills far outweigh ones ability to put it into words. Just merely stating that if as an EM, I can't understand the event before it's set in motion, then I'm concerned about the players themselves understanding it.
  18. It's like comparing theory and practical skills.
  19. Section I: General. Name: Mossy SteamID (Steamid.io): STEAM_0:0:89230000 Steam Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198138725728/ Discord Name (Name####): Orion#3333 Age: 14 Previous Infractions (Bans, Warns and Kicks): 0 on previous TM Time on the Server(Minimum 4 days.): 6 days on previous TM Why do you want to become a member of the TM Staff Team? Because I was previously staff on TM for a very short time and want to re-introduce myself into a staffing position on a SWRP server, I believe TM would be a good start for the reiteration of my SWRP staffing career as I already know many people on TM. I also want to contribute and give something back to the community through reducing minging, RDMers etc. Define the following terms: RDM: Random Deathmatch - Engaging in a firefight or damaging another player unprovoked. NLR: New Life Rule - Once you die everything that you have learnt/seen/done is erased and you are a completely new person once you have re-spawned. FailRP: FailRP - Doing something that your character would not do in a roleplay scenario or something unrealistic. eg. Killing Yourself NITRP: No Intent to Roleplay - Like the name suggests, someone that has no intention to do any actual RP, usually someone that purposefully messes with others roleplay scenarios or events. L2AP: Leaving to Avoid Punishment - L2AP can occur in both RP and OOC situations, it is when someone leaves the server to avoid an interaction like being arrested or an admin sit. Section II: Scenarios I ) Player A has just RDM’d player B, and Player A is claiming that it didn’t happen. How do you proceed? I would check the logs to see what actually happened between the two players, if Player A had indeed RDM'ed Player B then I would proceed to warn him for RDM tell him to not do it again and return both of the players. If Player A had not RDM'ed Player B I would apologise to Player A and reprimand Player B for lying about staff related manners. II ) Player B has threatened to Dox players on the server, how do you proceed? Although Player B may not have acting on his threats he still has implied he is going to do so, I would ban him for a week so management would have time to decide on whether the ban should be escalated. III) There is a player requesting a perma-prop, but you’re aware that you are unable to* as a Trial Moderator. What do you do? First of all I would not have taken the sit in the first place. Second of all if I did somehow accidentally take the sit or in the event that there are no Admin+ staff on the server I would tell him that I am unable to perma-prop due to my rank restrictions and if an Admin was on I would pm them or talk in staff chat to go to me and perma-prop the users required props, in the event that there are no admins on I would tell him that no one on the server has access to perma-prop his props and request one in the staff channel on discord. IV) Player B has just joined the server, they have changed their name to racial slurs and is refusing to cooperate with staff instruction to change it. How do you proceed? Depending on the severity and frequency of the racial slurs used I would ban the person for 5 - 7 days as that is the normal amount of time for the use of racial slurs in game. Sign Here: Mossy Note: Re-applying for staff because I withdrew my interest because I wouldn't have the time, now I have some newfound time and I can dedicate it a staffing position. (Allowed by Prae)
  20. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer you a position in the TM Staff team. We encourage you to apply in 2 weeks(:
  21. I can see where you're coming from, however I understand it can also be harder to describe stuff on paper then, it is to go along with in your own head. For sure something Torin could work on to better any event that he may make but not run smoother for everyone.
  22. hahahah the jitter noises hahah
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