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  1. Last week
  2. +1 One of the only good EM's we had!
  3. +1 i mean like come on lads, when you think TM EM and you sift through the first few dogshit ones that pop into your head first, Omega is the bright and blue. Dudes was basically the most consistently good EM on old TM for the longest time. While maybe the event description is slightly misinforming, it still gets the basic point and the fundamentals of the event across, and it works. Working events are in exceptionally decreasing demand these days. SO JUST ACCEPT IT.
  4. +1 although as bill has pointed out that parts of your application are a bit short on detail, from what I can see we are in dire need of event staff members. I definetly think you will be able to work with Skye and the other event masters to create some really special events as long as you are willing to work and learn with them. Goodluck
  5. The events is lacking. So is the questionnaire. You have no detail nor effort to put into it.
  6. Could you please enlighten me as to which parts are under-detailed
  7. -1 - Application under-detailed in all areas. - I know you omega and I know you are a good guy but, please fix up the application and I could change to Neutral or +1 Changing to +1 - Listened to feedback well. - Fixed application accordingly.
  8. Section I: General Ingame Name: TK-2736 ‘Omega’ Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:165416258 Time on the server (minimum 1 day): On The old TM I had a week Any warnings or bans on the server, list their durations and reason: None Age (14+, if you are younger speak to the Head Event Master): 16 Do you own a microphone?: Yes Do you have experience with the following: Default Gmod tools (Creator, duplicator etc)?: Yes ULX Commands?: Yes NPC Tools?: Yes Section II: Questionnaire Why do you want to apply for Event Master? (minimum 50 words) When I was EM on the old TM I had a really good time and I really enjoyed creating unique RP experiences for the player base. The event team has always held a special place in my heart as it's the team with the responsibility with keeping the player base entertained and staying on the server. I enjoy taking an idea I had and making into a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone. I loved being an EM on the old TM and I want to continue in the new. What do you think you can bring to the event? (minimum 50 words) Before the old museum shut down I was really the only EM to create full RP stories by creating campaign events which built off other events and RP other had done before. I think I can bring fun and engaging stories and events to keep the player base on our server. I am a patient person as well so I can teach the new TEMs the ropes and get them up to speed on how to be an EM. I can also bring hours of experience planning, developing and executing to the team as I have done a fair chunk of quality events in my life. Do you have any experience on any other servers, list the rank you held and time holding that rank: After TM shut down I took a break from GMOD just not feeling any motivation to try and build myself up from the ground again, so outside of TM I’ve had no other experience. Do you think you can perform well with other event masters and work well as a team?: Absolutely, I think the best events are the ones where the team have worked together. -Event- Write an event plan, be sure to include event characters, maps and a clear storyline.: The ISD has received a distress signal coming from an occupied world nearby, (Banakin) we dispatch troops to this world to investigate what’s going on. We land next to the Control Centre (CC) and begin moving to investigate, ISB move inside the CC and begin searching through files and documents, SO are sent outside the walls to search for any clues, including crashed ships or any survivors, while the rest of the troops set up a perimeter along the walls under instructions from the MG’s. SO discover a crashed ship and bring back the Blackbox from the Tie, the Blackbox is brought back to navy for investigation. SO are sent back out to see what other clues they can find. After the Blackbox has been scanned Navy learns that there was a rebel attack the tie spotted the rebels was shot down but reported the message to CC. SO find a wounded ST and bring him back to CC, ISB begin talking to the ST to see what he knows, while this is happening a small squadron of Y-wings flying over the base (These are EC’s), the Y-wings begin bombing our troops, navy orders pilots to board ships, and a dog fight commences. When there is one Y-wing remaining a platoon of Rebels coming storming the base with snipers, heavies, and vanguards, as well as two commanders (EC’s again). The rebels begin making a push for the main gate and try to get in the Rebels make it into the CC and kill the ISB officers and a call to retreat is made we leave and the base is lost. Debrief Script: Alright men listen up, we suffered a great loss today, with many high ranking ISB and Navy officers losing their lives as well as many Imperial troopers. A loss like this must happen again. The base lost carried a lot of imperial information on classified topics, which is why the base has been destroyed but be warned if a loss like this ever happens again you will endure a force fate than death Event Characters: 2x Y-wing pilots, 2x rebel commanders, 1x injured ST (Optional) Possible outcomes: The imperials are able to hold off the rebel troops (the two commanders are killed) Section III: Final Questions -Do you swear you will obey the following- Do you swear to not abuse your powers under any circumstances?: Do you swear you will not jump in on staff matters UNLESS there is no staff present?: If you are accepted, are you aware you must be an active player on the server and producing events regularly?: Sign here: Omega
  9. +1 Hermann is a great guy and is really active within the community and Based on previous Experience he will be active on the server, Funny, And Responsible Hermann is definitely a great fit for staff
  10. Earlier
  11. Neutral Application is alright. Don't know you very well. Please maybe make the application look more appealing.
  12. Thanks man, I try my hardest when I'm on! 🙂
  13. Hello everyone that bothers to read this. Nice to see the museum is making a grand return and wont be too long until it releases once again and I get the chance to meet back up with some familiar faces. Of course you might not recognise me, so let me take on a short trip back to somewhere halfway through 2019... My name was Blitz and I used to be one of the COs of ISC. And that about wraps up my story, hope you enjoyed. -Blitz
  14. 212th is my honest opinion is an unneeded regiment. There are other regiments which need to be filled first then other regiments could be decided.
  16. Hello, as majority of you know ive was 212th my whole TM life. I was a loyal 1 regiment man and i want it to stay that way. The 212th Attack Battalion is a great regiment that would assist heavly in Frontline attacks during events mainly. The 212th regiment also had small jobs aboard the ISD on the old TM server such as Guarding IHC when 975th/Nova were not available. Seeing as there is no 975th or nova i believe we could fit this role as well. Also there is no majorly strong frontline attack regiments on board our current ISD besides Storm Commandos and even then, there wont be many of them. The 212th Battalion was equiped with useful items and equipment such as high powered weapons, explosives and more! Along this we can even have our sub division which would be our 2nd airborne division! These troopers were similar to jump troopers and had parachutes, jetpacks and many other useful gear! Anyways i believe the 212th should be added as the next regiment to the server ❤️ u all. ~HaydenAbo
  17. +1 I believe bill would be a great addition to the EM team. During the time on TM he was always there making fun little event run purely based off him having enough popularity to make players do stuff HAHA it was great and i believe he will be a great addition to the EM team
  18. Thanks for the feedback Bill, I have added further and more extensive information to the scenarios section! #BringBeeChannelBack ❤️
  19. +1 Retro has always been a very active member of the community. I remember him setting up a lot of behind of the scenes stuff and really active on the forums helping the staff and server out when he didnt even have any staffing roles. He was always active and a great roleplayer. You can make up a random scenario and he would go along and roleplay very well. He has great staffing experience and deserves his spot on the team.
  20. +1 Bond was a genuinely caring guy and has a calm way of going about issues. He has been a great influence on the sever and did a lot for reg gov when he was rp'ing.
  21. Massive +1 highly active, highly respectable and extremely dedicated to the server and role play. Within the first day of joining the museum I met Hayden. I was never in a regiment with him how ever I felt like I knew him so well as he was always one of those players who you would have a yarn with and who you would always roleplay with randomly. He was a good event master, hes a good roleplayer and he will make an excellent addition to the staff team.
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