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    Welcome to PAC Hub! Hey Lads and Gents, Feel free to post any PAC's you have made to give other members inspiration. If you need any help with creating your PAC or need some help to pass your PAC application, post in here and we have some savvy PAC creators that can help 🙂 Have a good one, RetroDawn
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    This tutorial will show you how to make a weapon on your back vanish when you use it. 1. First of all, right-click on where it says "my outfit" and select "model" 2. Next, click on the 3 dots next to model (under generic section) and insert a star wars gun model. For example, I am using an e-11 (models/weapons/synbf3/w_e11.mdl) 3. Now create an event under the model, click the 3 dots and search up has_weapon. After you have done that, it should look like this. 4. You'll then need to find the weapon name of your gun. To do this, go into your Q menu then go to "Weapons". Once you have found your gun, right-click on the weapon and click "copy to clipboard". Mine is tfa_e11_extended. 5. Once you have your weapon name copied, paste it into the "find" tab under "arguments". 6. Right-click your current event and make another event. MAKE SURE IT IS PARENTED TO THE FIRST EVENT. 7. Then click the 3 dots next to the event and search and select "weapon_class". Then paste in your weapon name in the "find" tab. Mine is tfa_e11_extended 8. Now for the 2ND EVENT ONLY, tick "invert" You can now attach it where-ever and it will vanish when you use it.
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    Denied, Sorry Austro you are too overqualified for The Museum.
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    Yeah No, you can fuck right off. Disrespect like that isn't tolerated in The Museum at all. We are an accepting community, not toxic. This report shows you are the biggest minge and don't deserve to be a Developer. No Portfolio, "English" isn't a fucking coding language, your "Certificate" is utter bullshit and from 2011. You also just joined the server and I've never even seen you. -1
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    Agreed, The implication of these ULX commands take mere seconds and can be done by a monkey, making it easier for users to grab information and perform harmless checks on ULX comes with no real downside
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    Thought I'd weigh in here. - Utterly useless as a regiment when there are far better alternative regiments, such as the 212th Attack Battalion. - The playerbase cannot support a new regiment, when others are already struggling. - The entire premise of the regiment is to be cannon fodder for the Storm Troopers. Having previous experience as the Commanding Officer of this specific regiment, I know how the regiment would have to operate and I can tell you there is virtually no place for them in the current military setup on this server. The fact that this is suggested time and time again baffles me.
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    What R4 did was failrp. NOT AN RP CRIME. Even if it was, he should have been taken to brig for jail time NOT brought into ISB.
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    I'm Going off ur words rn so... I Believe you're both in the wrong (like you said) ISB Should not have arrested R4 out of the multiple other people dancing and doing the same thing, and with the cold war between Navy and ISB its not hard to believe But also you shouldn't have sneaked inside of ISB and tried to free him, they're are multiple people you could of contacting one of the admins or mods on discord. Max punishment probably should have been a soft pk def not a hard pk P.S. The whole Omnitrix shit is stupid and shouldn't of been brought into rp in the first place like bruh
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    my eyes hurt 😄 no but seriously i would like dark theme.
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    General PAC Rules - Maximum character height is 1.1 and minimum character height is 0.9 (Warn without hesitation) No extreme modification of armour (Nothing that isn’t in Star Wars, no super bright colours, you still need to look like the regiment you are in.) Blunts, Cigarettes, Out of universe characters and anything else that doesn’t make sense in a serious rp server is banned. PAC3 “Pets” are allowed as long as the pet is something that actually appears in lore. (Things like mouse droids for navy or medical droids for medics are fine) No racist, immature, degrading or sexual PACs of any kind. Wheelchairs are not allowed unless approved by Senior Admin+ for a certain rp reason however the wheelchair must be removed after the Rp is over. Robotics Limbs are allowed for SGT+ however it must be approved by a senior admin+ (You must tell them why you need it for RP etc…) No PAC3 dancing No PAC can have music or any ridiculous audio (Small changes like walking sounds for droids or a different flashlight sound effect is fine) PAC Abuse of any form can result in your removal of access to PAC and possible further punishments, examples of pac abuse are: Breaking any of the rules stated here, wearing non-Star Wars PACs, using PAC to cloak yourself, moving your model away from your hitbox, excessive altering of body parts (Having a huge body and a tiny waist for example). PACs worn should primarily be made by you or another user within the community who has given you permission to use them, pastebins should be kept to a minimum and every PAC needs to be completely Star Wars related. Inactivity or leaving the server can lead to a removal of your PAC role, you would then have to re-apply once you prove that you are active again. Lore Characters should have very minimal cosmetic changes to their model as they should stay as true to the lore character as possible. Fallen Jedi Rules - No full body changes unless approved by Darth Vader and a Senior Admin+ PAC3 cannot be used to make additional force powers unless approved by Darth Vader, the Fallen Order CO and then properly learnt in RP. Trooper Rules - Only CL3+ may have a Kama. CL4+ is required to wear a cape. Medics can add something to their armour to signify the regiment they’re attached to but they must still primarily look like a medic. Troopers may use PAC to remove their helmet however this is only to be used during downtime on the ISD while no combat situations are occuring, you may not have your helmet off while off ship or in an event.
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    THE ULX MENU is a lovely thing, many people probably don't know what it is but let me explain its a addon for gmod to make commands for any usergroup more accessible Ive used it for many servers including Prop Hunt, SWRP and many more. to bind it to a key you go "bind KEY XGUI" Basically what I'm requesting to be added for NON staff user groups such as Donator, USER, Tier 1 pac (tier 2 and 3 later down the line) is the option to open up peoples steam profiles through ULX and or there steam ID and any other little things that wont do any harm. our ULX MENU right now is pretty limited
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    Ares' Event Master Application: InGame Name: Range Trooper Captain Ares Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:131889772 Time on the server (minimum 1 day): 1 week 5 days Any warnings or bans on the server, list their duration and reason: N/A Age (14+, if you are younger speak to the Head Event Master): 17 Do you own a microphone?: Yes Do you have experience with the following: Default Gmod tools (Creator, duplicator etc)?: Yes ULX Commands?: Yes NPC Tools?: Not much however I know the basics, noTarget etc. -Information- Why do you want to apply for Event Master? (minimum 50 words) I would like become an EM in order become more involved with Events and help the EM Team with running and maintaining an acceptable level of detail that will make us stand out from other servers. I also want to inspire people by being a good EM that people will look forward to event's being run by, even if I'm just assisting the main EM. What do you think you can bring to the event? (minimum 50 words) I think I can bring a level of maturity and willingness to accept my shortcomings and move forward to the EM Team. I can bring my previous experience with basic military strategy, long-term staff experience and knowledge of the Star Wars Extended Universe. I believe with all these aspects put together I could create more realistic and believable events that players could truly be immersed by. Do you have any experience on any other servers, list the rank you held and time holding that rank: While I have no previous experience being an Event Master this is my previous ranks as Staff in general: Admin on Supremacy RP ~2017-18 Head Admin on ForayRP ~late 2018-19 As well as some other small roles that I can't remember right now. Do you think you can perform well with other event masters and work well as a team?: Yes (I sure hope this is a 1 word answer question) -Event- Write an event plan, be sure to include event characters, maps and a clear storyline.: An imperial mining station near Kessel has been usurped by rebel forces and the rebel's serving hard labour inside have been freed and are now harrasing the nearby Imperial-alligned towns. We must stop this and contain any of the escaped rebels. This would include an initial attack with a hostage situation half way to the objective station. It would have multiple vanguards put inside the building as to discourage troopers running inside or attempting to brute force the hostage rescue. After they reach the station they would find it empty, only to realize that it was a trap and that the rebels had been alerted to our presence due to the hostage situation and had prepared an ambush with their own base. After being fought back to the center the ISD Ruination would come into orbit and wipe out a majority of the rebel units out allowing the Imperials to break through the rebel assault. The ISD would be unable to assist any further due to a Rebel Capital Ship warping into the AO and attacking the ISD. After the they break through the Imperials would clear out several small pockets of rebels and then RTB. Debrief Script: Well done troopers, you have not only pushed through odds that were not in your favour but you also executed the remnants of the rebels on the planet and brought the mining station back under Imperial control. I would then point out regiments that did well, while encouraging the mediocre ones and admonishing the minges or people who dis-obeyed orders. Then standard debrief protocol. PTS's, Placings, etc. Event Characters: The hostage if gotten out would provide intel on the rebels and would fight alongside them with special weaponry or items. The hostage takers, would be EC's alongside the juggernauts, they would negotiate for their own survival and a dropship. The rebel leader, would mostly be on comms in an obscure position, if found and eliminated would make the rebels lose their chain of command and not be deployed or move as efficiently. (Optional) Possible outcomes: N/A -Do you swear you will obey the following- Do you swear to not abuse your powers under any circumstances?: Yes Do you swear you will not jump in on staff matters UNLESS there is no staff present?: Yes If you are accepted, are you aware you must be an active player on the server and producing events regularly?: Yes Sign here: Ares Note, any false, or non-serious attempts will result in removal and ban from the forums.
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    +1 | Yes overall it is a good suggestion. As long as the regiment continue to serve with a purpose they will be a great addition, in both the short term and long term future
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    On the contrary, adding IC would be a good fit for SO as they don’t really have that, into the fray sort of regiment in there yet. SCAR, SC and Range are all longer distance regiments and aren’t the frontline assault that IC would give to SO. Giving this Republic Commando Weapons with a small cap of 4-6 would be good for SO and make the branch more diverse and usable in events.
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    I hope you’ve really thought about this All the regiments that died in the past died for one reason: they never had a purpose inferno tried to steal the use from other regiments and it was punished Purge had a purpose which was pretty much to stand still ALL DAY You should never go “oh cool regiment” and rush add it. I appreciate the effort though +1 from me chief
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    +1 A lot of effort has been put into this suggestion and I think it could be a fun, unique regiment that doesn't step on peoples toes like a... certain other squad that was added since they'll also be there to assist all troopers.
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    -1 UH... EnGlIsH Also no port folio and you can't be disrespecting people like that...
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    Now Emerald is gay, Therefor +1 -1 +2 -5 +4
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    -1 I just don't agree with this seems pretty useless and even if it was added probably would be one of the later things to be added.
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    +1 Active, shows interest in events, knows when to be a tough cunt, also knows when to have a laugh. He includes regiments in his event description the way they are meant to be used, not just tp in and shoot shoot, actually rp'ing. Smart guy, cool events, interested in bettering the community.
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    For me, pricing isn't an issue. It comes down to the fact that our community is quite reliant on discord and it's already well established. Taking away vital parts of our community for better codex and perms isn't something that I'd like to do. To be to straight, I love TS but our community is already established its presence on discord.
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    +1 Looks like you know what you are doing with pac
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    +1 Application is well worded and formatted, What I would like to see is more expansive event details and multiple pathways