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    Section I: General InGame Name: Skye Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:87585504 Time on the server (minimum 1 day): ∞ Any warnings or bans on the server, list their durations and reason: Negative Age (14+, if you are younger speak to the Head Event Master): 18 Do you own a microphone?: Yes, and I enjoy using it Do you have experience with the following: Default Gmod tools (Creator, duplicator etc)?: Yes ULX Commands?: Yes NPC Tools?: Yes Section II: Questionnaire Why do you want to apply for Event Master? (minimum 50 words) Practically; One of TMs major downfalls throughout its elongated lifespan was its Events. Whilst not the particular fault of the EMs as a whole, I doubt anyone wants to see the same scenario develop in the new and improved server. I both wish and believe I am able to help make a difference in TMs Event team and be able to prevent the server from going down the same path as it previously did Personally; Since TMs downfall there has been plenty of events that have occurred on different servers, some things not great, some things pretty great. With the revival of The Museum, it is a second chance for both the server and everyone on it, including moi. I see this as an opportunity to right wrongs and enact rights. It’s about time I proved myself and the people whose presence I actually enjoy what I can actually bring to an event team, rather than sitting around and waiting. What do you think you can bring to the event? (minimum 50 words) Primarily I bring an enlarged experience in the fabrication of events and experiences for players. I boast quite the ability for empathy, allowing me to carefully plan and uphold event standards from the perspective of the players, whilst also being able to guide and play a hand in the application of events from an EM point of view. I also believe my abilities in organisation and creation will bring an excellent perk to the team as a whole, allowing the team to actually work as a team, rather than multiple individuals working for the server. Do you have any experience on any other servers, list the rank you held and time holding that rank: My only experience as an Event Master was on the first iteration of The Museum as a Trial Event Master, I held it for about 2 weeks. I left due to decreasing personal desire in Gmod as a whole, and the inevitable downfall the EM team itself was experiencing, of which I could not prevent. Do you think you can perform well with other event masters and work well as a team?: Whilst the opinion of certain individuals may predict otherwise, I actually have the capabilities to form excellently as a team, with individuals I trust and respect. If the individuals as a whole are capable, and show promise, I am sure the overall teamwork will run smoothly and without a hitch. -Event- Write an event plan, be sure to include event characters, maps and a clear storyline.: Given the predicted time period for the server, the following event revolves around the Empire’s large desire to acquire massive amounts of Kyber present on varying worlds across the Galaxy. Due to the Death Star’s still secretive nature, the event itself revolves around secrecy and the preservation of that secrecy. To begin, all high command personnel of each division and any other form of high ranking personnel will be summoned to the Bridge Meeting Room to receive a transmission from the Emperor (assuming all high ranking personnel are at least aware of the Death Star’s true purpose). Utilising the hologram_swep, The Emperor (played by moi) will reveal to the high ranking personnel the discovery of the kyber crystal and it’s predicted movement throughout Taris’ surface. The Emperor will task the ISD with retrieval and extraction of the crystal, while also enforcing its absolute secrecy from the common rank and file. After the high command briefing, IHC will be required to hold their briefing, explaining the points mentioned in “Briefing/Debrief Script”, ensuring the personnel understand the importance of the mission and how it is paramount the crystal is secured due to its “value” on the black market. Once dismissed and proper regimental preparations are made, troops will begin standard boarding sequence and prepare for take off (map change to gm_Fork, or as known in RP, Taris). Once arrival has been prepared (ECs setup, Tank + Crystal established, and troopers prepared and loaded in at the landing strip at the top of the map), IHC will utilise the information bestowed to them by The Emperor to enable their own strategy, keeping in mind the volatility of the crystal, and perform reconnaissance. Assuming thorough reconnaissance was enacted, the troopers will discover a large presence of mercenaries held up in an abandoned communications facility beneath the landing strip. Once discovered and IHC has made the proper calls, troopers will begin to move in and clear out the facility, whilst this occurs, one of the EC Mercenaries will be tasked with beginning to transport the crystal to the nearby town across the river. It will be up to IHC and the troopers to act quickly and clear the facility, enabling them to discover the crystals movements and prepare a strategy to intercept the convoy. This is the point in which the results of the event split; Option A : In the event that the troopers are unsuccessful in intercepting the cargo due to their incompetence, they will receive one opportunity to prevent the extraction of the cargo. They will be required to prevent the launch of the mercenary starship docked on the far side of the town. Utilising their skilled engineers and special operations troopers, they can be successful, in which their next task is to transport the crystal back to the landing strip in which their FOB is situated (this would be the point the Tank Driver is inducted to prevent idiots from destroying the tank deliberately). Whilst traversing upwards, the convoy will meet light but manageable resistance, their only concern being to ensure the road is clear and the crystal is in prime condition for transport. Once arrived at the landing strip, the crystal will be extracted and proper post event procedure occurs (extraction via vehicles, debrief etc.). In the event troopers are unable to prevent the launch, the crystal will be extracted via the mercenaries starship, in which the mission is deemed a failure and troopers are ordered to make their way back to the landing strip, meeting heavy resistance due to the mercenaries increased confidence due to their victory. Troopers will be extracted under heavy fire and reprimanded personally by Tarkin himself. Option B : The troopers are successful in intercepting the cargo safely, and gain access to the crystal and its tank before it reaches the mercenary starship (insert Tank Driver into event). Once the crystal is secure, Naval scanners will indicate the convergence of mercenary troops, towards the tanks location. This will require a hasty retreat back towards the landing strip, ensuring both fast yet safe procedure is carried out. In the event the crystal is returned to the strip, proper extraction will follow and post-event procedure follows. In the event that the crystal is taken by the mercenaries, Option A plays out until either the crystal is extracted by the mercenaries or extracted by the troops. Option C : In the event the crystal is destroyed at ANY point, it will detonate in a large explosive radius, causing mass casualties and destruction across the AO. In the event of this detonation, all troops will be required to make a hasty retreat, being given a time limit of 5 minutes to return to the landing strip before the FOB is left discarded and the troops return to orbit. This option is the ultimate failure, resulting in mass casualty and the requirement for mandatory medical checks to ensure no residual fallout is present (those that died will be exempt). In this scenario, the Emperor personally reprimands every single individual for the disastrous failure, enacting mandatory training, inspections, and complete ban from operations until the 2 latter punishments are complete (basically no events for at least 1 day, during this time COs and IHC will be required to enact mandatory trainings and ISB/Navy will be required to enact mandatory inspections on ALL regiments - unless clearance prevents). Briefing/Debrief Script: My personal preference is to not script briefings or debriefings and it is up to the members of IHC themselves to come up with one. However the following points would need to be made. Due to the absolute necessity for the success of this operation, our ISD has been chosen to lead it. The mission is to confiscate and extract a large “Nova Crystal in which mercenaries had stolen from the surface of Christophsis”. In actual fact, any members of TI or personnel with knowledge of the Death Star’s true purpose would know the true purpose of the mission is to extract the large Kyber Crystal. Due to the volatility of the crystal, troopers are reminded to maintain a safe but secure distance, and to ensure the crystal is undamaged on acquiring it. Event Characters: 3 Event Characters; 1 Tank Driver (the individual that will drive the vehicle with the crystal loaded - Friendly), 2 mercenary contractors (members of the Hutt Cartel, untraceable back to Jabba - Hostile) Section III: Final Questions -Do you swear you will obey the following- Do you swear to not abuse your powers under any circumstances?: Yes Do you swear you will not jump in on staff matters UNLESS there is no staff present?: Yes If you are accepted, are you aware you must be an active player on the server and produce events regularly?: Yes Sign here: Skye 😉 As a member of the TMMT i am contractually obliged to provide a meme:
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    Name: Bort - [Previously known as Kreel or Juan] SteamID (Steamid.io): STEAM_1:1:103372314 Steam Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/TheMemeTeam2K15/ Discord Name (Name####): Bort#6226 Age: 19 Previous Infractions (Bans, Warns and Kicks): None. Time on the Server(Minimum 4 days.): TM 2.0 hasn't launched yet, however I had somewhere between 3-4 weeks playtime on the old TM. as well as about 8 days work with Gaps setting up ISB. Why do you want to become a member of the TM Staff Team? I am applying for staffing position on The Museum SWRP server as I will be putting countless hours into the server regardless of a staff position, due to my responsibilities within ISB as their Central Command Officer/Overseer. I've always been passionate about SWRP and always find myself coming back to the game-mode. With this being said I like to think of myself as an open minded person when it comes to staff responsibilities. For those who know me, know that I am a very laid back and friendly person outside of RP, however they would also know I am able to be stern and strict when needed. I won't tolerate continuous misbehavior. With all this being said I guess it's time for my EGO trip, as I re-list all of my previous experiences as staff. To start this off I'd also like to mention that I have been around TM since the beginning and I like to think of myself as a prominent member within The Museums community, I have had more than enough experience in my opinion as staff throughout my years playing SWRP and DarkRP servers. I have over 5000 hours of play time on gmod, most if not all have been inside of SWRP and DarkRP servers, And I like to think I know most of the tips and tricks when it comes to staffing. I am also more than capable of teaching and helping any new staff members that might have questions .I have held staff positions on numerous servers such as AUGN DarkRP [Staff Trainer], Galactic Gaming [T-mod - Owner], The Australian Underground DarkRP [Admin] and The Museum SWRP [Senior Admin]. I'd also like to mention while it's apparent I've been involved in my fair share of controvery, butting heads with people over things and perhaps overstepping my mark, I've always acted with the intent to better the server and draw attention to things I viewed as wrong or misplaced. I want to address this openly, as I'm sure many will do with me in the comments, as first and foremost I'd like to applogise for any inappropiate or toxic behaviour I displayed. While everyone has their own views and opinions on things, desrespectful outburst are never warranted, and in this realisation I believe I've been able to improve and better myself, my attitude, and the way I approach these situations. I have a the firm belief TM will be much better managed and a stable enviroment for all players. And I know that I can, positivley contribute to this server. Define the following terms: RDM: Random Deathmatch, is a term used when a player or players kill someone without a valid RP reason/OOC reasons. NLR: New Life Rule, this term is used when a player uses information from a previous life/death and returns to their previous RP situation. FailRP: FailRP is used, when a player acts outside of RP rules whilst trying to do something within RP. NITRP: No Intent to RP, is used when a player blatantly refuses and ignores all RP rules and guidelines just to cause general mayhem and annoy the server population. L2AP: Leave to avoid punishment. is used when a player knows that they will be recieving a warn or ban for a rule they have broken and intentially leaves the server in an attempt to avoid recvieving said punishment. Section II: Scenarios I ) Player A has just RDM’d player B, and Player A is claiming that it didn’t happen. How do you proceed? I would first TP to said player just to clarify that it is indeed an "RDM" sit, after a small discussion I would teleport both players to the top of the ship or a non RP area for a more private and uninterrupted discussion. I would then ask for both sides of the story whilst checking logs to confirm which side of the story is true. After confirming which side is correct I would then either hand out a verbal warning or full warning to the offending player. II ) Player B has threatened to Dox players on the server, how do you proceed? I would first gag and mute the offending player, whilst I TP said to a non RP area for a private discussion. I would then inform the offending player that leaking another users personal information is a bannable offence. I would then hand out a minimum week long ban to the offending player if the offence was great enough I'd make it a permant ban. Afterwards I would have a private discussion with the victim, in the hopes of comforting them and informing them that the offending player has been dealt with. (As a trial moderator I would not be able to hand out bans this long, so I would contact a higher member of staff) III) There is a player requesting a perma-prop, but you’re aware that you are unable too as a Trial Moderator. What do you do? Firstly I would just let a higher ranking member of staff take the sit in the first place, if no one responds I would say something in admin chat. If still no one responds I would take the sit and inform the player that I cannot help him and that another member of staff will be along shortly to perma prop. IV) Player B has just joined the server, they have changed their name to racial slurs and is refusing to cooperate with staff instruction to change it. How do you proceed? I would first contact a higher member of staff to forcfully change the players name, if they continue to change it back after multiple verbal/ formal warnings, I would ban them for racism. I would personally hand out a 3 day to 1 week long ban depending on the serverity of the slur. (I'm only a T-mod I would contact a higher member of staff to lengthen the ban if needed). Sign Here: Bort / CMDR. Darius.
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    Cork: Hey can I borrow your homework? Darth Vader: Sure just change it up a bit so it doesn’t look like you copied. Cork:
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    Section I: General. Name: Dave SteamID: STEAM_0:1:79790576 Steam Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/gabenscookingchannel/ Discord Name: Dave.#0270 Age: 17 Previous Infractions (Bans, Warns and Kicks): Currently, nothing due to there not being a server available for myself to check on but regardless I have a pretty clean record. Time on the Server(Minimum 4 days.): Currently 0 but on the old server, I had several weeks in-game. Why do you want to become a member of the TM Staff Team? Well if you aren't all aware by now but I was previously staff on the museum and I was able to climb up to server manager although I didn't think I deserved that position all that much and didn't particularly enjoy it that much, I've thought about it a lot recently if I should even apply for staff and I remembered my happiest times during this server when I was just an admin looking after the players and voice chatting with all the boys it was some of the best memories I've had in Garry's mod in many years. Why do I want staff, well why do we all want to staff it's clearly power for creating those special moments with friends and helping out every single user that joins the server and ensure they receive the best user experience as possible. Define the following terms: RDM: Random Death Match - Killing of a fellow player without mutual consent to those actions. NLR: New Life Rule - pretty self-explanatory, when you die all the information retained in that life is to be forgotten a good example of this would if a player was aware of the death star and was immediately killed it would be considered NLR if they tried talking about it in the new life. FailRP: Fail RolePlay - when a user doesn't act as they should in roleplay such as they deliberately break the immersion of fellow players. NITRP: No Intent to RolePlay - when a user has no intent to roleplay as their character and is constantly breaking roleplay L2AP: Leave To Avoid Punishment - look if I have to explain this one you need to seek out medical attention, you are put into an out of character or in character situation where you are not allowed to leave by disconnecting from the server. Section II: Scenarios I ) Player A has just RDM’d player B, and Player A is claiming that it didn’t happen. How do you proceed? Check damage logs to see who's telling the truth depending on the outcome I would just give a verbal warning and let it go that's if it seems clear that everyone is okay in the situation. II ) Player B has threatened to Dox players on the server, how do you proceed? Well doxxing is a very serious thing as it breaches one this that the server prides itself on and that is a safe environment for everyone I could be an utter idiot and say immediately permaban them but sometimes people say this as a joke and have no intention on actually doxxing a player so as a staff member it is my job to have clear understanding of the players intentions and handle it accordingly but most cases they are just jokes and require no real form of a sit but mainly just a heads up to the player saying they shouldn't make jokes because someone might take it seriously. III) A player is requesting a perma-prop, but you’re aware that you are unable too as a Trial Moderator. What do you do? chuck a mad @ I need an admin+ in chat if no one is available to put a message in the staff chat in discord in the meantime I would tell the player to make a dupe and guide them on how to do that and ensure that another staff member will be with them soon. IV) Player B has just joined the server, they have changed their name to racial slurs and is refusing to cooperate with staff instruction to change it. How do you proceed? First off where did player A go, well if they aren't listening to a staff's instructions you can just easily kick them and tell them to join back when they want to play by the rules most cases it's pretty easy to change their mind but if they are going to just fuck around I will just end up banning them for a bit and hope they get the message. Sign Here: I, Dave, maker of memes, stirrer of shit, overseer of recruits, leaver of Management and Major General hereby affirm the creation of this application Oh don't mind me im just guarding the recruit room, yea i know right it's an actual war zone. Thanks leki for making this
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    +1 Dave is obviously the worst choice due to him playing hentai so please do not accept this man my dudes
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    +1 Likes Hentai and has a brain I think.
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    Unfortunately, we are unable to offer you a position in the TM Staff team. We encourage you to apply in 2 weeks(:
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    https://gyazo.com/8589933d9519f79fb72c5ef603173488 Half_Life_Source_2019.10.12_-_17.15.32.04.mp4 Half_Life_Source_2019.10.12_-_17.15.32.04.mp4
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    Will you make sign a galaxy wide law, making Taco Tuesdays a must on every ISD???
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    MASSIVE +1 It's Dave is there any reason required???
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    Take back what's rightfully ours Dave, take back the staff role... +1
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    Hippity Hoppity give him staff or the server will stoppity
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    IDK about Shock as your position but I'd actually be mega interested in seeing you in the VF/501st CO position A) Not many people have seemed interested in it B) VF needs someone whose both serious and an absolute lad. So +1 for you as literally any CO, but Id recommend VF if any reg
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    Haven't known you personally, for too long but from the interactions I have had with you, you have shown me that you're more than capable of being staff. Not only this but your application is excellent, everything was done with great detail, and it shows you actually put effort and dedication into it. Massive +1 Best of luck with your application. Bort/CMDR. Darius.
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    +1 Don't know your personally but your application is incredible, solely on that you deserve the +1
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    This is by no means a reason to comment, don't put useless shit like that on applications, doesn't help anyone. Regardless, Great app, Detailed, Capable Person & Player. We'll see what the rest of the community says, +1.
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    I've seen you as an EM on other servers, you generally have the right idea. However I've seen a fair share of some of the events you've hosted that were just crap. I hope this time around you work on quality over quantity. +1 Best of luck with your application. Bort/CMDR. Darius.
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    +1 Have worked with R3x in the past, amazing as a comanding officer and now with the documentation I have helped r3x with documents aswell and he seems to know his way around them and help his fellow troopers understand how the regiment is run and the strict rules that apply to them.
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    +1 Extremely good staff, adheres to the rules and enforces them. R3x is also very devoted will spend hours or even extra hours to make sure player satisfaction is met. What else do you want?
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    +1 Personally with a regiment like shock, I’d much prefer someone who knows their shit on their feet and on the ground, but may be lacking in the documentational department, rather than one that’s exceptionally literate but couldn’t tell their left from their right foot in an unforeseen situation. Some things that people who’ve replied might not understand is writing and presentation can be taught and developed, whilst a natural born leader and a screwed on head can’t. Plus some people seem to take applications, especially ones for COs in which have very little actual content in terms of who a person actually is, way too seriously and make hastened judgements and provide very little constructive criticism that someone who obviously may struggle with formatting would greatly benefit from. Prove them wrong R3X
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    After reading through the replies and the application itself, I have identified some issues.... 1. You need some help with formatting and what not 2. People seem to place WAY to much value in an application I've known you for a good while now, and from my experiences your a good guy, the best guy for the job I know at least. Of course, you do need to do some improvement on your paperwork. Your writing the app to sell yourself, and people who don't know you are gonna form their opinion off of the way you write and format, and of course there's the whole document thing, but you can get people to help you with that thingo. Either way, +1
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    +1 if i dont plus one this app he will me.
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    +1 I personally know Skye is someone who has a good head on their shoulders. He understands what players wants and knows how to pull it off. I reckon if you are even considering a head em you should choose Skye.
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    +1 Nickson knows what he is doing, at least in my eyes. I am confident he will properly full the role of Shock CO
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    +1 I believe we have never crossed paths before but you come across serious for this role not to mention that your application definitely stands out from the rest of the Shock CO Application, it is also comforting seeing that you have LOTS of past commanding experience. Personally i think it is quite amazing that even without having the guaranteed position for Shock CO you are still prepared as if you have the role, which is inspiring to see and sets a benchmark for all applicants. Great Application👍
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    Thanks for t h e Thanks for the feedback, while I can see generally more detail is good, i find not complicating the subject more than necessary quite important, and with the scenarios generally it goes exactly as written as I have learned relying on the players themselves to sort tickets is the least efficient way of doing them. But either way thanks and if denied I will attempt to improve them as you mentioned.
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    +1 | Basing my vote on what others have said. Nothing more to say.
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    -1 Attitude can change suddenly at a moments notice, holds grudges and (a potential personal issue) will abuse his powers on me as was his plans for a previous server to do to me.
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    +1 very good application and you are good guy in general. Love ya xx
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    Got to +1 was a super good staff member back on old TM and I believe would make a great member to the staff team
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    Neutral - your ideas aren't that unique have been done before (understanding that you cant go crazy due to props,tools,players and server things) - You seem to have a generalized idea about being an event master and would like to see u in action
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    +1 - Extremely Active - Good at job/tasks - Not Bias,Very fair and understanding
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    +1 - from my past experiences with Nickson hes a great guy and has a lot of potential to be a good commander. - also your application is nice it shows a genuine understanding
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    +1 Although I don't know you, This application basically tells me that you are serious and dedicated to become a CO Best of Luck my mans
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    +1 I cant really remember you Nickson but this application seems nice and smooth and you seem responsible.
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    +1 Don't know you but, the application gives off a coordinated and responsible vibe, which is what shock needs to be as they have a lot of power. i also like your preparation with documents/spreadsheets just like me. you seem like you are passionate about what you're doing
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    This isn't exactly what is being asked, I believe what they would want to see is if you have been an actual commander eg. Vader's Fist, Senior CO, 4 Months, Empire Gaming.
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    Lmao imagine jumping on a bandwagon of thinking it's bad because the media tells you to.
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