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  1. Larry

    ISC CO Larry Application

    THANK YOU BOIS SO MUCH FOR THE SUPPORT !!!!!! Man u saying that brought back so many good and bad times thanks man.
  2. Larry

    Staff Applications

    WDY mean I had a pac app open on IG for a year and then it got deneid cause I didnt play anymore. smh if thats what TM turns into smh
  3. Larry

    war dogs' pac app

    To apply for something you first need to know how to use it a PAC app is no exception
  4. Larry

    Larry's Staff App

    Thanks man... sir...mam..... *sighs*
  5. Larry

    Shie's PAC3 Application

    +1 is this u'r third pac app lmao. - U've shown improvement - added more to your pacs - vary determined to have acces to pac
  6. Larry

    BF2 DH-17 model

    search for DH it should come up
  7. Larry

    Reagan's Pac App

    Neutral heading to -1 Positive point - U know how to use pac you've shown that u'r proficient at it Negative points - I dont know who you are / havent seen u - You have litteraly put in 5 min effort in to your application
  8. Larry

    Boi's Pac [Need Feedback and help]

    I think the tubes are clipping through your model use a different helmet or use the clip tool to cut off the tubes and then use ropes if u want them still
  9. Larry

    im going to commit the farewell

    Bye Leki if you need recon troopers u know who to call. By the way may want to get rid of all your death sticks and or drugs. CHARLIE SQUAD HOOOOOORAAAAAA
  10. Larry

    Gz Pac3 app

    -1 - You seem like a nice fellow who is willing to learn and not abuse - To apply for pac you do need pac photos which means you have to have at least a tiny bit of experiance. My suggestion is looking at youtube tutorials or asking an already pac accepted person for help.
  11. Larry

    Pre PAC3 Application

    Neutral This isnt the worse app I've seen you've shown competence in pac at least with the use of events with weapon switching but I'd suggest making more pacs do some poses ect. Also I'd advise getting a little more time on the server. Other than that your app is ok.
  12. +1 He is responsible and will look after the regiment well. Isn't ajax CO?
  13. Larry

    ISC CO Larry Application

    I was inquis but I was in for a months and I never got promoted ever also I didnt get pked as well. so I didnt think it worth it mentioning.
  14. Larry

    ISC CO Larry Application

    Thanks guys
  15. Larry

    Scott's ISC CO App - Cancelled

    +1 He is dedicated and Loyal would recommend for CO. ATM he is my right hand man and he's excelling at it.