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  1. Well this comes as no shock to most of you as it's been public knowledge but this is me doing one last goodbye. I got a lot of good memories and mates from this community and being given the chance to join the management team was something I do appreciate, even if that meant forgetting a comma here or there and breaking the jobs file(thank god for Lua error checkers) Although I've not left this community on the best note which is something I didn't want it is what it is. I offer ISB nothing but the best going forward under the new leadership of Greggson and Peter and hope they fare better than I did. I started out in ISB and imma leave in ISB full circle I guess ahah. I hope the community does well going forward and becomes as great as I know it can be, for now though it's bye from me. Cya TM Demy/Krendog/#notmykrennic
  2. Demy

    Gurt’s DT CO application

    The CO position has been decided, So congratulations Gurt on being the new CO of DT
  3. Demy

    Silent's Death Trooper CO Application

    Thank you for the application but at this time the CO position will be going to Gurt, If you wish for more followup feel free to chat with me on discord
  4. Demy


  5. Demy

    New SNPC's (Infected, Horrifying Creations)

    Toss a link to the add-on so we can look at it more
  6. Demy

    Blaster's PAC Application

    Good examples and ideas for PAC application approved get in touch via discord or in-game
  7. Demy

    Billy's Pac3 application

    Application denied provide more examples of past pacs next time. Reapply in 2 weeks
  8. Demy

    Dr. K. Albrecht's PAC App

    Decent examples and to pacs approved get in touch with me via discord or in-game Application approved
  9. Demy

    Skye's PAC3 Application

    Application approved
  10. Demy

    Tk-6586 Cody's PAC3 app

    Application denied as it's not the required format reapply in 2 weeks
  11. Demy

    Eatthedeads PAC application.

    All the best finding some relevant tutorials, till then application denied reapply in 2 weeks
  12. Demy

    Karmas’s PAC3 Application

    Given reasons stated application denied reapply in 2 weeks
  13. Demy


  14. Demy

    327th Star corps

    As it currently stands there is plenty of regiments on the server that could use ST's and adding another regiment would only make that problem worse
  15. Demy

    Remove ST Squads' Different Jobs

    Alright so people don't seem to getting the memo or hearing about what's actually been decided to let me set the record straight here once and for all: ST Squads are Allowed these squads do not and WILL not get different jobs/hp/equipment. The primary reason they were done was to organise and sort the huge amount of ST's that the server was dealing with, something which still stands for a lot more than simply these squads. Discussions were made in CO meetings regarding the ST squads and the conclusion was reached that they are mainly done to help with sorting the mess that they are and frankly ST's have been out preforming most regiments of late in alot of areas and that is not just simply a case of having more numbers. Regiments are having issues with getting their numbers up because frankly you don't show them any reason to join, they see the ST's having fun and enjoying developing and sorting out these new squads and giving troopers new tools(not actual ones) to do rp and get involved in things whereas most other regiments just kinda sit there. Before you blame a regiment that is putting a shit ton of time and effort to building up their regiment maybe look at your own regiment to what you can improve to make them more willing to join.