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  1. Kuzota

    Crispin's Developer Application

    -1 Has been involved in multiple ddos, doxx and death threat attempts on people of SWRP communities. Bad guy.
  2. Kuzota

    Keys PAC3 Application

    have common sense next time so people know you can literally do anything with pac
  3. -1. Warns are of concern, not being warned for a certain period doesnt mean you've stopped minging. From james' story it sounds like you've become a little aggressive with that temper of your's that I remember you having a month ago. You also said comments would be taken as constructive criticism but you immediately try to deny someone the ability to respond to your response, meaning either one of two things: 1. You don't want people providing extensive evidence that puts you in a negative light in a counter message to your reply. 2. Your ego (big or not) cannot handle taking negative criticism and blows it off as a "Petty Argument" rather than what it actually is. Now. Aside from that, this application is a COMPLETE copy paste of your old one. I would've preferred that you re-wrote it if you're re-applying but that's just my personal opinion. It just shows me that you've been quick to re-apply rather than put time and effort into a new application. This "Temper" of yours thats re-emerged wont do you well in an EM Position as you will be required to constantly adapt to what players do in your events. I can imagine you going off at someone (Player and/or other EM) out of frustration while managing an event. Thats my reasoning for the -1.
  4. Kuzota

    war dogs' pac app

    I don't even know why you applied. It's obvious you have little to no knowledge with pac3 purely by your answers, let alone your complete lack of evidence that you are even capable of moving a model around. Your entire application is totally free of any grammar indicating that you put 0 effort into this. Your answers are extremely poor and you couldn't even be bothered to put your steamID in the steamID question field. -1
  5. Kuzota

    Foxtrot's Developer Application

    unfortunately gonna have to -1. I'm a senior year Information Technology Systems student and even this code is quite basic even for a high school standard... Don't get me wrong, its not bad at all. I just don't think its at the right standard yet. Aside from that, you don't know how to use LUA/gLua and I honestly believe you should know that prior to applying, not while you're in the position.
  6. Kuzota

    make the forums an in character chat

    woah because i felt like it and it doesnt effect anyone else's suggestions.
  7. Kuzota

    make the forums an in character chat

    woah its almost like it wasn't meant to be taken seriously
  8. make the entire forums in character except applications. That way we can obliterate every single person here for disorderly conduct, treason etc.
  9. -1 make it an elite eng subreg. no point in adding an entire new regiment.
  10. Kuzota

    Gz Pac3 app

    -1 PAC3 on the server isnt for people who want to learn to use it. Its for people who already have a base level of understanding that is required to be accepted. Without literally any proof you have attempted to use pac at all, I dont believe you deserve to have it on the server.
  11. Kuzota

    im going to commit the farewell

    bruh wheres my @ for nuking the minecraft server >_> talk about ungrateful
  12. Kuzota

    Weapon Vanish

    Yup, its helpful for people who are aspiring to apply for pac. Anyone who is already accepted should at least know how to do it already.
  13. Kuzota

    Gal's Staff Application

    -1 HOLY FUCK I HEARD STORY ABOUT YOU BEING ABUSIVE FUCK YOU jk +1 idk why all these dudes are just basing their shit off pure rumour 😕
  14. Kuzota

    forget this

    i cannot explain how much it annoys me that you even thought this was suitable to submit
  15. Kuzota

    forget this

    biggest -1 ive ever given, honestly trash application lol.