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  1. Komrade Seals

    Head Event Master Change | Sudo

    Thread's already derailing, agree with a lock, at least after Stingel gets his say in.
  2. Komrade Seals

    Head Event Master Change | Sudo

    "Fix the events" "Plan them properly" Again, not real suggestions. And you have no idea what's going on behind closed doors. Stingel's been working his ass off to fix the EM team, and again, people like you are being a massive fucking drag on him because nothing's ever good enough for entitled shits like you, so maybe actually think for once, and consider that instead of attacking the entire EM team.
  3. Komrade Seals

    Head Event Master Change | Sudo

    Yet again- you're not choosing to do anything constructive. You're directly attacking the EM team with no suggestions to help us. You're not helping fix the problem, you are the problem.
  4. Komrade Seals

    Head Event Master Change | Sudo

    Ironically, this sums up most of the original thread and the ensuing replies. Kirie provides criticism against something built on nothing more then an opinion. The EM team has issues and the original post raises some good points, but as Kirie said, the points about Stingel are ridiculous. Yet here you choose to respond with a shitpost because you can't be arsed to do anything constructive. This thread has its share of those with good intentions- and I salute you all- yet many people here are being extremely toxic, and you know who you are. If anything, those people share the blame for the EM quality as much as the EM's themselves- if not moreso, because you're giving the EM team so much shit and targetting specific people. Again, you know who you are. I'm also inclined to view everything the OP has said with skepticism, considering he directly accused me of abusing my powers during an onship event with no proof to back it up and attack me, claiming that I was 'too afraid to lose,' heaping another load onto Stingel's back. Maybe if the EM team wasn't being relentlessly targetted and blamed for everything that happens, everyone would be better off. I couldn't have said it better then Skye- work as a community instead of ganging up on one group of players.
  5. Komrade Seals

    Tales of The Museum

    "War...war never changes."
  6. Komrade Seals

    Beekeeping Addon for Boosting Currency and RP

    +1 for bees to PK the emperor. shitposts aside, this could be a great opportunity for passive RP, but bees on a star destroyer? neutral at best from me chief.
  7. Komrade Seals

    Suggestion #001 - Squad System

    +1, legit why isn't this already a thing.
  8. Komrade Seals

    Ctrl Alt DeYeet

    skye more like grounded lmao
  9. Komrade Seals

    Tales of The Museum

    part two when
  10. Komrade Seals

    Scorch's VF Commander Application [WITHDRAWN]

    oh cock
  11. Komrade Seals

    Permabanned cause of someone's false identity.

    An ST was going around using other people's names mass RDMing. Your steamID doesn't match the one we eventually narrowed it down to, so I support an unban.
  12. Komrade Seals

    Scorch's VF Commander Application [WITHDRAWN]

    +1 Scorch has been around for a while, and when he was JT's 2ic he was rather immature, though despite persistant, and frankly unfair bullying from pretty much the rest of the server, he's persisted and has become a lot more level-headed and mature. I believe he's probably VF's best choice for a CO.
  13. Komrade Seals

    дивитися Шахрайки #j98

    Welcome to the server! Hope to see you active!
  14. Komrade Seals

    Ham's PAC3 Application

    +1, I like the example PAC shown- it reminds me of what I had for SCAR, and I know Ham is responsible enough for it.
  15. Komrade Seals

    It's Time To Bring These Bad Boys Back (Raptors)

    -1, with how far forward it is we may as well put in Kylo Ren and Cpt. Phasma as lore characters.