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  1. R3x_U_UP

    war dogs' pac app

    -1 You have to have pictures to apply other than that. It most likely will get denied.
  2. R3x_U_UP

    Shie's PAC3 Application

    +1 all of the above
  3. R3x_U_UP

    Iconic's PAC3 Application

    Neutral, You have put a bit of time into this app but I think we should get some more pictures, only saying cause I have seen the first 2 been used before and want to see your ideas
  4. R3x_U_UP

    Exile's Staff Application

    Bumping playtime is kinda meh but anyway. +1 Exile is a great guy, he has misbehaved before but thats is in the past and not a big deal at all, he is pretty good at RP and I think he would be good at becoming/ joining the TM Staff Team
  5. R3x_U_UP

    Dynamites Event Master Application

    +1 What boom has said. I've never seen dynamite be a minge recently, it was most likely in the past and people do know how to forget and move on
  6. R3x_U_UP

    Aiden's Event Master Application

    Neutral, You have sort of been minging a little bit a while ago. I will start to see how you act more in game and then I'll shall confirm my response.
  7. R3x_U_UP

    Dr. Boom's Staff Application

    +1 Everything that everyone said in one ^
  8. R3x_U_UP

    Clash's RIOT CO / 2IC Application:

    Accepted for CO Message me on discord for any details
  9. Pretty sure he left
  10. R3x_U_UP

    ISC CO Larry Application

    Im pretty sure he came from ST?
  11. R3x_U_UP

    Thick' Riot Commander Application

    He wants this closed. Someone can close it.
  12. R3x_U_UP

    Scott's ISC CO App - Cancelled

    MASSIVE +1 Scott is a great guy, loyal, nice and trustworthy. He would be the best fit for this CO position as he is active everyday even when he is sick. Like come on? Does he really need to apply?
  13. R3x_U_UP

    TK-0131 ‘Scorch’ ST 2IC Application

    If the CO says they want you to then you can
  14. R3x_U_UP

    TK-227 'Kirie' Commander Application

    There is already a CO, he just got it? +1 anyway