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  1. Uncle Titan

    Gal's Staff Application

    I've have risen from the dead to give Gal a............................................................................... +1 but still frick u for not doing pac for me - Gadeszy
  2. Uncle Titan

    My perspective regarding a permakill

    I'm Going off ur words rn so... I Believe you're both in the wrong (like you said) ISB Should not have arrested R4 out of the multiple other people dancing and doing the same thing, and with the cold war between Navy and ISB its not hard to believe But also you shouldn't have sneaked inside of ISB and tried to free him, they're are multiple people you could of contacting one of the admins or mods on discord. Max punishment probably should have been a soft pk def not a hard pk P.S. The whole Omnitrix shit is stupid and shouldn't of been brought into rp in the first place like bruh
  3. Uncle Titan

    Can We Constructively Talk About Events?

    Idk if this is just me being unlucky, but they're hardly any Lightsaber wielders now.
  4. Uncle Titan

    Raid medic bay, right now

    just kill eatthedead and raid will be over
  5. Uncle Titan

    Inquisitor HQ raid 20.09.19

    whats the inquis HQ?
  6. Uncle Titan

    Gadeszy's Farewell

    love u bb :(
  7. Uncle Titan

    Gadeszy's Farewell

    Hi guys So lately, I've been getting really bored and had alot of family issues. So this is my goodbye, Thank you for letting me have such a fun time on the server and who knows, i might be back Bye, Gadeszy
  8. Uncle Titan

    Zuke's Event Master Application

    +1 - Looks like a fun event - Never seen him break rp
  9. Uncle Titan

    Bill's Event Master Application

    +1 big boy has big boy pants
  10. Uncle Titan

    ARC Request

    +1 big boy
  11. Uncle Titan


  12. Uncle Titan

    Gal's Engineer CO Application

    -1 + 2 he made me pac once
  13. Uncle Titan

    Quoth's Stormtrooper CO Application

    -1 he should be the Rebel commander Nah but seriously +1 yeeeeeeeeeeeee
  14. Uncle Titan

    Ccann (Chris) reapply for staff

    +1 when he comes back from his ban lmao jk -1
  15. Uncle Titan

    Phobetor's DT CO Application

    +1 He is a worthy DT CO and is knows the role well Good Luck!