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  1. +1 put in the effort, may have less hours than other but has shown the willingness to bring some decent events to the team
  2. Garrett

    TK-227 'Kirie' Commander Application

    Eh ❤️
  3. Garrett

    Elias | Staff Application

    I like Elias
  4. Garrett

    I mean, yeah

    I mean, hi? Thanks for listening -Garrett
  5. Garrett

    The Emperor's Shadow Guard

    If an emperor is chosen on the server, I am happy to accept this and use Thire's idea of having it as a sub regiment within RG and only allowing two people to actually be the guard which is chosen by the emperor himself
  6. Garrett

    Shock Cuff Cooldown either reduced or removed.

    I will look into the cooldowns and things like that
  7. Garrett

    327th Star corps

    As of now, Denied
  8. Garrett

    Change BBY Year

    This can be discussed between management in regards to what year we would change to and how we would do it.
  9. Garrett

    Rank Change (Peter)

    The ranks have been changing over time, Since I have noticed that there are a few changes in between your document and the current document I will state this as accepted and consider adding them into spreadsheet
  10. Garrett

    We need some more regiments that arent Guarding/Security Based!

    As I had previously mentioned in one of my previous posts about regiments, Their are currently a few regiments that are needing to be worked on within the server. Adding a regiment will take this work back as everyone will try and join the new regiments For now denied
  11. Garrett

    EG-5 Droid Removal

    EG-5 has not been removed from the server and is no longer a donator role.
  12. Garrett

    NPC Modeling tool

    Unfortunately I do not believe there is a tool that allows us to change the model of an NPC, If you are able to find a tool and test that it works than I would be happy to reconsider. For now, Denied
  13. Garrett

    Shadow Troopers

    At this point there are currently still quite a few regiments that are low on playerbase which we are focusing on as management. I believe adding a regiment like shadow troopers at this point in time will make the work that we have done with other regiments go to waste as everyone will push for their rising as it is a new regiment and things like that. Denied for now but not entirely
  14. Garrett

    Point Shop

    This has not been implemented to the server as a "point shop" but has been implemented into the server as trooper elite status and things like that so I will say this is accepted but please do not the point shop is being accepted. It is just because the idea has been implemented in another way.
  15. Garrett

    Vehicle Regiment?

    Sounds like a good idea, Unfortunately with the amount of ISC and other regiments that are using different types of vehicles I believe that this will overload the server. For now, Denied