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  1. Sanity

    Goodbye. <3

    with the assistance of his 2000 hp and DUAL FUCKING SABER
  2. Sanity

    can we make the CL3 test a bit easier?

    -1 The test isn't 'meant to be easy', although it is not something we want people to dread about, it is something that people need to actually work for and put detail into answers
  3. +1 Only good experiences with this guy - Put effort into app - Deserves it and I think he is mature enough for the position
  4. Sanity

    Deimos' Farewell

    ❤️ the bangers
  5. Sanity

    L01's CO Application

    Biggest +1 I could give someone L01; I don't know what else to call you... is a great guy and definitely deserves the position and would be an amazing CO. Along with this the application is very good and I feel he is mature enough for the position. Good luck man ❤️
  6. Sanity


    Much love man ❤️ Good luck on whatever comes your way in the future
  7. Sanity


    Exile heheh
  8. Sanity

    Bioptics staff app

    +1 ^ also very mature
  9. Sanity

    I'm the new kid

    Hi friend. Don't put vader in your name again tho 🙂 - Exile
  10. Sanity

    Guilt's T-Mod Application

    -1 Mate i'm gonna have to give you a -1 just for this. Grow up and deal with comments seriously. Don't have a crack at a guy and make assumptions that may not be true and has said reasonable feedback. The guy has said some reasonable pieces of feedback that you should pay attention to. To reiterate, be more mature and take the criticism and work to improve it, don't have a crack at a kid who has given you some words of wisdom. Grow up.
  11. Sanity

    Blowpa's/Trap's Staff App

    I'm gonna have to give you a Neutral bud, not applying this to your age but I think you are a bit too immature to be on the staff team. I noticed you have minged in the past but I have seen that go away and your seriousness on the server has improved. I noticed in some situations you didn't handle yourself very well either in the past. Putting the past aside though, I feel you just need to become a bit more mature and learn to handle some situations that are out of your comfort zone. - Exile
  12. Sanity

    Exile's Staff Application

  13. Sanity

    Iconic's PAC3 Application

    -1 Not saying I could do better... but... the metal is a pastebin, same with the holocron meditation, cross arms is simple and I could even do that. Some of the other pacs seem pretty useless to me to be honest.
  14. Sanity

    Shie's PAC3 Application

    The strap wouldn't change lengths when you take it off your back... Sorta common sense... Meaning that the strap coming down to his feet does make sense, and makes more sense than it would if it didn't.