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  1. Anxiousity

    Need a management member to add me on discord.

    Hmu on discord, i'll get you unbanned dw i'm owner
  2. Anxiousity

    Player Report Bob

    --Your Info-- RP Name: Hippity Hoppity This Shock Can't Stoppa Me Discord Name: My Skype: xXxZombieNoscopexXx SteamID: Social Security Number - 048913759824724872478 --Accused Info-- RP Name: Does he even play the server Discord Name: Bob#6877 SteamID: Lad idk tbh, but he's like an owner or someting so you see him --What Happened-- What did the Accused Do?: Basically, here I am minding my time on Rocket League, this mans runs into my house own goals, quits RL, opens GMOD, joins TM and calls me fat. What evidence do you have?: Security footage from my house and 5 bucks paypal for anyone that +1s What Punishment do you believe is Necessary?: Death by firing squad --End-- Other: --Rules-- -Guilty always -If you are caught lying, You will be punished sexually -Try and fill out as much as you can or don't
  3. Anxiousity

    Bert Sings Fallen Kingdom

    This is indeed a failure towards TM, I will take his spot as an owner if need be and destroy the server in 0.3 hours
  4. Screw you, don't demote Cork
  5. Anxiousity

    Austro's Developer Application

    Aahhahahahahahaha, dude same
  6. Anxiousity


    Agreed, The implication of these ULX commands take mere seconds and can be done by a monkey, making it easier for users to grab information and perform harmless checks on ULX comes with no real downside
  7. Anxiousity


    Bob can suck my left nut
  8. Anxiousity


    You've been reported and i'm talking to your manager!
  9. Anxiousity

    Scorch's EM Application

    +1 With correct training can prove to be a useful asset to the EM team
  10. Anxiousity

    Tactical Leaning ?!?!?!?!? NANI

    Neutral, Whilst this is a great addition, in previous server's i've worked within there's a major bug within the addon which gives players who like to exploit a large advantage. I believe their is a fix and if TM can get get the issues fixed I would love to see this addon within the server.
  11. Anxiousity

    Emerald's PAC3 Application

    Now Emerald is gay, Therefor +1 -1 +2 -5 +4
  12. Anxiousity

    Cupids 2IC App For Shock

    +1 alright cool now's he's 2IC cause I +1
  13. Anxiousity


    Awww man
  14. Anxiousity

    224th [Muddy Lads]

    But then again, Mud is cool