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  1. Tesla Crunch

    Jovans (Kevin) Ban Appeal

    I’ll be happy to change your ban from permanent
  2. +1 I agree it doesn’t make sense for guards (probably not NG included) tho
  3. Tesla Crunch

    Emerald's PAC3 Application

    Idk man these are some sick pacs so +1
  4. Tesla Crunch

    TK-227 'Kirie' Commander Application

    +1 no current Co just ACO
  5. Tesla Crunch

    Richard's Discord Ban Appeal

    Denied For more information DM Tesla Crunch#4920
  6. Tesla Crunch

    Richard's Discord Ban Appeal

    Please, contact me about it and I’d be happy to help in case it’s an accident
  7. Tesla Crunch

    RetroDawn Staff App

    +1 hot great app (will go from mod to management, if does I get a promo, ok?)
  8. Tesla Crunch


    -1 Your pac is very basic
  9. Tesla Crunch

    Imperial Commando Special Unit (IS)

    I hope you’ve really thought about this All the regiments that died in the past died for one reason: they never had a purpose inferno tried to steal the use from other regiments and it was punished Purge had a purpose which was pretty much to stand still ALL DAY You should never go “oh cool regiment” and rush add it. I appreciate the effort though +1 from me chief
  10. Tesla Crunch

    Gal's Staff Application

  11. Tesla Crunch

    Beekeeping channel deleted?

    The suggestion was approved and management doubled back +1
  12. Tesla Crunch

    Tony's ST CO Application

    I’m not going to let you lie on your own application, no the owners literally said that you were pac abusing idc what demy said when the owner is against it and you’re very lucky that the reports of you being toxic and abusing staff members didn’t get far.
  13. Tesla Crunch

    Tony's ST CO Application

    no I’m not confused, you’re the guy who wore an Arc reactor and had a destiny ghost on your shoulder
  14. Tesla Crunch

    Tony's ST CO Application

    -1 a commander should be a model for RP in the regiment, not someone with 5 or so warnings and verbal warnings for failrp and pac abuse