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    L01's CO Application

    +1 great guy
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    Deimos' Farewell

    That was one time tho bb
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    Deimos' Farewell

    Ill miss you bb ❤️
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    Ham's PAC3 Application

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    Galaxy's Nova CO Application

    Name [In Character]: TX-8740 ‘Galaxy’ Discord Name: Arygary5#4380 or Galaxy STEAMID: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198291089342/ Current Regiment: Nova Past Regiments on The Museum (Write none if ST): St, Purge Age: 15 What Regiment do you hope to command/2IC? (Multiple are allowed) (Please check the list before answering) I wish to command Nova. Describe your chosen regiment/s role aboard the ISD and during events. Elaborate. Nova are stormtrooper honor guards who are in charge of protecting very significant places of the empire and they are also used to guard high ranking officials when called to. ISD- Nova are in charge of protecting IHC and the IHC officials from any sort of danger. When the enemy boards the ISD it is Nova's job to ensure all the IHC officials and other high ranking officials are doing fine. Nova are also in charge of locking down IHC when intruders are on the ship to prevent data leaks. Nova is also in charge of defending and protecting the engine and reactor room from potential threats. Off ship- When Off ship, It is Nova's job to be on the front lines with the likes of Vader's fist, shock, Chimera and 212th. Nova also can escort prisoners from events if instructed to and we can negotiate with a hostage taker if they take one of the high ranking officials being either from IHC to ISB or a regiments CO. Why do you want this position? Elaborate. I would like to receive this position as I believe I can be a valuable asset towards Nova as their commander. I always try to be as active as possible, I will never give up easily, I support my fellow troopers and help around the ISD whenever called to. I personally believe I can bring a lot of maturity to this position while respecting other troopers. Why should we pick you over other applicants? I believe you should pick me over other applicants as I will maintain a good reputation and be mature while maintaining good relationships with most people on the server. I have a strong work ethic and always ensure to complete tasks when ordered to by my higher ups. I will always be ready for the role and ensure the troopers in Nova will have a pleasant experience. I also try to train any recruits as I believe they should have a pleasant stay on the museum. I put others before myself as I believe others have to have a good time for yourself to also have a good time. Describe yourself in three words. Loyal, Headstrong, Kind How active can you be a week? Elaborate. I can be active 3 out of 5 days a week for at least 2 hours on those days. Monday, Wednesday and Friday are days ill be definitely on. On the weekend I can be on pretty much both days unless busy with sport or school. Latest Commanding Experience. Elaborate. How Long? What Server? Rank? No commanding experience before but I’m dedicated to learn what it takes. I have completed the application and accept that I will not harass staff and accept the fact that I may not be chosen for a position