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  1. ʎǝluɐʇs

    Bye fellas

    Bruhh I see him everyday smh.
  2. ʎǝluɐʇs

    Bye fellas

    Bruhhh, who are you again? You seem irrelevant.
  3. ʎǝluɐʇs

    Gz Pac3 app

    Bruhh heads up this will be instantly denied, I suggest you mess around on a singleplayer server with Pac3 and ask people around the server for help.
  4. ʎǝluɐʇs

    212 2nd detachment jetpacks

    Ahem there is a jetpack addon that is better than the current one on the Steam Workshop and they dont go away once you die
  5. ʎǝluɐʇs

    Walrus' Staff App

  6. ʎǝluɐʇs

    Deimos' Staff Application

    Bump, updated my time.
  7. ʎǝluɐʇs

    TK-227 'Kirie' Commander Application

    +1 Kirie is a lad, he should already be ST CO ngl.
  8. ʎǝluɐʇs

    Deimos' Staff Application

    Bump - Edited my In-game name and time.
  9. ʎǝluɐʇs

    Clash of Clans

    Ahem, I have made the official "The Museum" clan, I would like you all to join it. https://gyazo.com/b4a7760efbb5aa35d679b229599fbbe7
  10. ʎǝluɐʇs


    This tasks a grueling one
  11. ʎǝluɐʇs


    Stfu no one misses you... Im joking smh, but you are a loser ngl.
  12. ʎǝluɐʇs

    Bioptics Pac

    +1, I believe you can do good things with pac, just a bit more hardwork and you'll be there.
  13. ʎǝluɐʇs

    Deimos' Staff Application