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  1. Damedge

    Bean's Farewell

    Beans If You Leave Ima Get My Can Opener
  2. Damedge

    im going to commit the farewell

    @Lekilloo Let The Water RP Live On
  3. Damedge

    Scott's ISC CO App - Cancelled

    +1 Great Guy Most Active ISC And Is Much Deserving Of This Role. He Has Been Apart Of ISC For So Long And I Hope He Gets This Role Not Only For His Commanding Skills But His Dedication To ISC.
  4. Damedge

    Cupids 2IC App For Shock

  5. Damedge

    Cupids 2IC App For Shock

  6. Damedge

    Cupids 2IC App For Shock

    He Did :L
  7. Damedge

    Cupids 2IC App For Shock

    Thx Dad
  8. Damedge

    Cupids 2IC App For Shock

    Name [In Character]: SK 1002 Cupid Discord Name: Damedge #1002 STEAMID: STEAM_0:1:207640222 Current Regiment:Shock Past Regiments on The Museum (Write none if ST): Royal Guard Age:13 What Regiment do you hope to command/2IC? (Multiple are allowed) (Please check the list before answering) Shock 2IC Describe your chosen regiment/s role aboard the ISD and during events. Elaborate: Shocks Role Aboard The ISD To Protect And Server The Empire. We Patrol Around The Ship Making Sure Nobody Breaks The Law Or Puts Another Imperial Trooper In Danger. We Can Also Guard Areas If Needed. During Events We Are Normally Pushing With The Main Force Taking Out Rebels And Aiding Troopers In Need. We Will Hold The Front Line Making Sure Nobody Can Bypass Our Force. Shock Is A Defense Regiment But We Can Be Used For Offensive Pushes. Our DLT-19 Making Quick Work Of Rebel Enemies And A Taser + Cuffs To Capture Criminals Without Breaking A Sweat. Why do you want this position? Elaborate. I Want This Position To Allow Shock To Grow Through Good Leaders And Well Trained Members. Shock Is A Great Regiment That I Would Hate To See Die Out. Shock Will Give Me A Chance To Learn How To Be A Leader And Also To Get To Know Fellow Troopers More. With My CO's Help, I Can Make Shock A Colorful And Welcoming Regiment To All New And Old Members. Why should we pick you over other applicants? I Feel The Reason You Should Pick Me Over Other Applicants Is That I Have Experience As A Shock Member And A Leader. Shock Has Been My Home For Well Over A Month Now And I Don't Regret A Single Thing. Being Apart Of This Wonderful Regiment Has Helped Me Improve Not Only As A Person But As A Friend To Many. I Can Bring Great Leadership, Amazing Hospitality To All Troopers And Keep Everyone Well Trained. Describe yourself in three words. Colorful Strategic Confident How active can you be a week? Elaborate. Every Day Unless I Need To Study/ On LOA. Roughly 3-4 Hours A Day But Max A Day Is About 8-10 Hours Latest Commanding Experience. Elaborate. How Long? What Server? Rank? In Events I Command People To Go To Places And If They Step Out Of Line Ill Them Back On Track. I have completed the application and accept that I will not harass staff and accept the fact that I may not be chosen for a position.
  9. Damedge

    HaydenAbo's Event Master Application

    +1 Very active guy does a lot in events. Nice to talk to. Friendly. Over all great application and would fit this role nicely
  10. Damedge

    Jordan's Range Trooper CO App

    +1 Great App, Nice Guy, Deserving Of This Role.
  11. Damedge

    Blaster's EM Application

    Look The application is good and all but what im struggling to understand is if the battle with the rebels will go on for 2 HOURS? . I do believe that you understand the responsibilities of EM. I just want to see you a little more active. Other than that. Neutral. If you become more active this would change straight away to a +1.
  12. Damedge

    Bill's Staff Application

    Changed To +1 He Has Gotten Better And Does Deserve A Chance