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  1. Bert

    Toucan's yeah nah.

    Issa plan big man ❤️
  2. Quoted from discord: " Hey @everyone, After some long discussions and some surveillance, management have come to fully recognise what’s been happening over the past couple months - the server is dying. Conflict is rising, player count is falling, the fun and fulfilment isn’t there anymore. As much as I’d like to provide a final few months of fun and enjoyment, I’d rather this place be remembered as a place of fun and good times and RP, which it formerly was, not a dead, empty corpse of a server. I would also like to hand down the server, but frankly the reputation isn’t what it once was and I’m afraid history will just repeat itself. I made a promise when I was given owner, I promised that if the server ever fell onto its last legs and died, becoming more pain than fun to hold onto and bringing conflict upon our members, that I would unhesitatingly put the server down, so it could be remembered as a place of good times, community, mateship, roleplay and fun. I believe that time has fallen upon us, as it does to all servers. With the greatest amount of sorrow, pain and sincerity - I would like to announce our closing date: the 15th of September. Between now and then I will ensure personally that we have a week of fun-filled activities and a final goodbye to the server and all the memories we’ve had. I will be hosting an award ceremony and goodbye on the day before - Saturday the 14th - to commemorate all the great times and people over the months. TM was something special. I truly hope the memories and friends will stick with you all, I am eternally grateful to all of you for this opportunity and community, somewhere where we all enjoyed ourselves and met close friends - I know I certainly did. Don’t cry because it’s gone, be thankful because it happened. I thank you all for this experience and wish you all luck in future endeavours, I hope we all meet again. Signing off for the last time, Bert :heart: "
  3. Bert

    Something that could save the server.

    What reason do they have to join back? I believe they've all settled somewhere they enjoy. And, unfortunately, Bob doesn't have the time to help, Garrett and Dusty have had their fill and I'm taking my break and refresh.
  4. Bert

    Something that could save the server.

    The revival attempt was the week long development.
  5. Bert

    Something that could save the server.

    I completely agree. As Quoth said, it's a bit late. People have committed to other places. A better solution is to join one of the many new upcoming servers similar to TM, the name already has a reputation and faith has gone elsewhere. TM already has had it's go and I know multiple community members have taken up new servers in management positions, which having all the old fellas join and assist in could work. Even if we did this it would last a week or two and I'm afraid the reputation and the scraps left over alone would just let it back down. Also where do we find new management from the 10 players running around RDMing ahaha?
  6. Bert


    also get the fucking Minecraft server back
  7. Bert


    shush you ❤️
  8. Bert

    End of an Era

    It was one hell of a ride everyone, We laughed We cried We shouted (a lot) We made friends Some of us got banned But I hope we all had a good time! Thanks for everything, truly. This is the end of a great place, somewhere full of good times that went a little past it’s expiry date. Only the good die young. Stay Golden, -Bert
  9. Bert

    THirdperson bind

    From my knowledge it is “bind [Key] stp_toggle”
  10. Bert


    Good luck with everything man. I’m always here for some games of Mordhau big man ❤️
  11. Bert

    Undead Jed's Staff Application

    +1 New dude, but seems dedicated and enthusiastic, with the right training from Triple, he'd make a great mod!
  12. I will add you when home though you were banned for writing ”Fuck you, Sincerely Imperial Gaming” on the regional government CL2 test and closing it to all answers so future tests would display said message.
  13. Bert

    Exile's Staff Application

  14. Bert

    Dr. Boom's Staff Application

    Accepted. Great Job Mate!