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  1. Funk


    accepted dm me 😉
  2. how bout we add palpatine so people can get mad about something else
  3. +1 said my reason previously
  4. Funk

    Gals Farewell

    stupid bitch
  5. Funk

    Tony's ST CO Application

    +1 st co is one of the worst commanding positions due to the lack of shit you get as it, and the shit you have to put up with. a laid-back CO would be the best in this, as getting heated and yelling at minges isn't how a commander should be. let staff deal with the minges. and for kuzota, he's in the middle ground. he can be laid-back, but he can also be the opposite. ultimately making him the best candidate due to his prior experience when leki was CO.
  6. Funk

    Frequency Radio

    ive been on like 18 servers with this addon, it doesn't work. people don't use it, it's a bitch to use and it doesn't add anything to RP.
  7. Funk

    Demy's farewell

    agreed. also. cursing out everyone in ooc, not a cool way to go bro
  8. Funk

    Mac Miller

    meth head from nowra. absolute dickhead
  9. Funk

    Getting some R&R

    ladies and gentlemen meet your new tarkin
  10. Funk

    Streaming Channel on discord

    -1. when cinder started streaming the server became a minge fest. when i started watching the stream i saw janitors sacrificing an st. and if your viewers came to the server we'd have a few that would just minge. it's better for one person to find the server, decide to minge on it. rather then 8 people to watch the stream, come on the server and minge.
  11. Funk

    Nah nah man make Cynic the next 501st CO

    -1. You've been inactive for ages, that's all.
  12. Funk

    So Pianos

    -1. I've been on servers with this sort of stuff and I strongly disagree. It may be fun, but people can just spam the keys and be disruptive. Another issue: If this gets implemented, this might happen. Player A spams piano keys. Player A gets arrested. Player A continues to spam piano keys due to the fact that the addon has this issue. Player A is forced out of an RP situation with a kick/ban due to the fact that this is the only solution to the piano-arrest spam.
  13. Funk


    i love you
  14. Funk

    Scorch's VF Commander Application [WITHDRAWN]

    +1. Scorch. You are one of the most dedicated people on this server, although you have been criticised and quite frankly bullied by IHC I personally believe you have what it takes, you RP well, well-experienced and you show you are willing to learn, I think the quote in your signature describes your experience with previous experiences quite well. The past is the past. Good luck. Although you may not get this role, as people judge you more on popularity rather then skill level on these things but keep your head up, honestly if I had the choice I would probably pick you. Keep it up.
  15. Funk

    Gadeszy's Farewell

    fuck. gadeszy i know a bully you a lot but i'm secretly jealous of your rp skills and the fact u did SLIGHTLY better then me at inf tryouts. i hope everything is aight and maybe, you can come back to the server fuck u forever funk