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  1. Quoth

    Great news

    Shut up
  2. Quoth

    TM Best Moments

  3. Quoth

    Something that could save the server.

    Too late now
  4. Quoth

    cum sock

  5. Quoth

    Head Event Master Change | Sudo

    Yeah this is cool and all but who do you suggest take his position?
  6. I'll see you on you know what 😉
  7. Quoth

    Bills Dev App

    Yeah, this application has “good dev" written all over it, from the languages to the portfolio to your ideas for the server. You also haven't been banned multiple times and you're a good player here and in-game. Biggest +1 I have ever given in my life.
  8. Seen you on yesterday and you got good rp. +1, good luck
  9. Quoth

    Deimos' Farewell

  10. Quoth

    war dog's212th 2ac commander app

    +1 after how you ran the training today, it has come to my attention that you're very fit for the job and extremely dedicated.
  11. Quoth

    Phiily’s 2AC CO application

    Neutral-not active enough
  12. Quoth

    Weapon Models

  13. Quoth

    Weapon Models

    Gun Model Weapon E-11 models/bf2017/w_e11.mdl tfa_e11_extended DH-17 models/weapons/synbf3/w_dh17.mdl tfa_dh17_extended RT-97C models/weapons/synbf3/w_rt97c.mdl tfa_rt97c_extended E-11D models/farena/weapons/w_e-11d.mdl tfa_e11d_extended DLT-19 models/weapons/synbf3/w_dlt19.mdl tfa_dlt19_extended DLT-19D models/starwars/syphadias/weapons/swbf2/w_dlt19_f_swbf2.mdl tfa_dlt19d T-21 models/bf2017/w_t21.mdl tfa_t21_extended DLT-20A models/weapons/synbf3/w_dlt20a.mdl tfa_dlt20a_extended DC-17M models/weapons/w_dc17m_at.mdl tfa_dc17m_shotgun DT-29 models/swbf/weapons/dt-29 heavy blaster pistol.mdl tfa_dt29 SE14C models/weapons/synbf3/w_se14c.mdl tfa_se14c_extended RelbyV10 models/swbf3/outerrim/weapons/relby-v10.mdl tfa_relby I think I covered most of them, tell me in the comments if I missed a vital one.