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  1. Quoth

    Crispin's Developer Application

    +1 this guy is very qualified and will not do anything bad!
  2. Quoth

    Staff Applications

    At least accept/deny deimos, he has been waiting for ages and he is definitely not new to the community.
  3. Quoth

    Shie's PAC3 Application

    Why are you guys all fussy about his strap? At least he tries to make it lore friendly rather than just sticking it on to your back with nothing to hold it there.
  4. Quoth

    Iconic's PAC3 Application

    Instantly deny him, in the pac rules it says if you use pastebins your pac will be instantly denied.
  5. Quoth

    Bye fellas

  6. Quoth

    can we make the CL3 test a bit easier?

    just be detailed in your answers, use big words.
  7. Quoth

    war dogs' pac app

    -1 no examples
  8. Quoth

    Precision Allignment

    -1 we already have the normal precision tool, just use that. It works fine.
  9. Quoth

    Dr. Boom's Staff Application

    I don't think anyone actually read his answers NITRP means No intent to roleplay, not fearp And L2AP means leave to avoid pushishment Changed to neutral
  10. Quoth

    BF2 DH-17 model

    models/weapons/synbf3/w_dh17.mdl @Tomato Sauce
  11. Quoth

    BF2 DH-17 model

    @Tomato Sauce I'll find it when I get home.
  12. Quoth

    BF2 DH-17 model

    He means the model
  13. Quoth

    Boi's Pac [Need Feedback and help]

    Looks alright, to improve it, I suggest you replace the gun with one of the battlefront 2 weapons and make the keycard look like it's in your belt.
  14. Quoth

    ISC CO Larry Application

    Yeah he was sith before becoming ISC