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    Tales of The Museum 2

    and I am Iron Man *snaps IHC to dust*
  2. Cap

    Bunda's PAC3 Application

    +1 Good to have as Navy due to the body groups being broken meaning you have to change them through PAC.
  3. Cap

    Tango Perma-Kill

    Clearly something that escalated and got out of hand ridiculously fast due to the poor relations between Navy and ISB, they started it as a RP event among them selves so definitely shouldn't have gotten a PK.
  4. Cap

    Caps PAC Application

    Something else that I've added in after I made my initial application is a weapon holster which by itself doesn't really sound impressive but I basically had to go and shrink a ISC model and increase the size of the bone that the holster is on. Also made a shit Navy re-breather thing for when the ship losses oxygen as pretty sure @Demy said that was allowed.
  5. Cap

    Caps PAC Application

    Name [In Character]: Cap Discord Name: Cap#2970 STEAMID: STEAM_1:0:163763321 Current Regiment: Navy Age: Decline to state Playtime: 1 week, 8 hours approximately Why do you want PAC3? Elaborate. I would like PAC3 so that I can expand my RP character by personalizing how I look, I also would like PAC3 due to Navy body groups currently being broken through the body group customization menu however with PAC3 I can bypass the glitch. Why do you deserve PAC3? Elaborate. I believe that I should receive PAC3 because I have shown my dedication to the server and put in the effort to get to my current rank in Navy (Acting Sub Lt) and because I have a clean record with no warns/bans. What is the purpose of PAC3 on the server? The purpose of PAC3 on the server is to help further the role play experience by allowing people to be able to customize there appearance and expand there characters RP through it. Pictures of PAC3 creations: I accept that this application may not be accepted and I will not harass staff regarding the application. I will not be aggressive in the comments but rather use constructive criticism to improve. I understand that all work here is my own and if I am found using other’s work I will be punished.