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  1. Scott

    ISC CO Larry Application

    +1 | Great ISC member, if I don't get it Larry should.
  2. Scott

    Scott's ISC CO App - Cancelled

    Can someone deny this Reason: Not going to be active on the server anymore
  3. Scott

    Bunda's PAC3 Application

    -/+ giving this a neutral since your pac3 looks pretty basic, I'd you expand on it by adding custom textures or show that you can make something unique I'd consider giving it a +1
  4. Scott

    Emerald's PAC3 Application

    +1 pac3 looks nice and shows you have a good understanding of how to use it.
  5. Scott

    Cupids 2IC App For Shock

    First off I'm going to +1 Cupid as he is Mature and he is Active and he would make an amazing 2IC of Shock. Also who else would be the 2IC of shock? R3x is currently the CO and Cupid is currently one of the highest ranks in Shock, he's extremely dedicated to the regiment and he knows everything there is to know about Shock, I personally think that there is no better option then Cupid. I can speak from first hand experience as I was apart of Shock for majority of my time on this server and Cupid made the experience so much better.
  6. Scott

    HaydenAbo's Event Master Application

    +1 | Need some better and active event masters and I believe Hayden has the maturity and dedication to accomplish this.
  7. +1 | For all of the above, it would make for some great RP and allow for a more immersive experience.
  8. Scott

    The Emperor's Shadow Guard

    +1 | I like the idea of this being on the server but under two conditions; 1. We need an emperor for these elite guards to protect. 2. Same as Thire's idea, where it'd be a sub-regiment of RG for the most dedicated and elite RG's.
  9. Scott

    HaydenAbo's PAC3 App

    +1 | I'm giving this a positive review since Hayden has time and time again shown is dedication and his maturity to and on the server, he would use Pac3 for what it's truly intended for and succeed in doing so. | The only issue I have is the Interceptor you have flying next to you, it doesn't fit your regiment or the character your portraying, besides from that great job and I hope you get accept!
  10. Scott

    Bioptics Pac

    -/+ | I'm neutral on this cause I like the idea you have with your pac3 and since your Leki's personal guard it'd be a great way to separate yourself from the rest of your regiment, but on the other hand the pac3 looks very bland and simple, the colour scheme you've chosen doesn't suit your model well and the fact that you're using the generals model would probably get it denied from usage for being too similar. If you can show / expand on your pac3 abilities I'd be happy to give this a +1.
  11. Scott

    Ares' Pac3 Application

    I strongly agree with this
  12. Scott

    Ares' Pac3 Application

    +1 Good, basic simple. I like it, it could bring a lot more immersion to the server and allow for a higher quality of roleplay.
  13. Scott

    Ham's PAC3 Application

    +1 Will bring some great RP potential to the server, and shows you have a decent understanding of Pac3
  14. Scott

    Scott's Pac3 Application

    Thank you so much! But I'd like to give credit to @Beans for the idea of linking the comms and helmet together, which I then implemented into my Pac3.
  15. Scott

    Green Guy’s TMod application

    -1 All of the above, lacks detail and understanding. Improvements; Read the rules, get the exact definition of the terms down, and It's a perm ban if someone even threatens to Dox or DDOS the server.