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  1. RetroDawn

    Crispin's Developer Application

    @Crispin is a naughty naughty boy
  2. RetroDawn

    Dr. Boom's Staff Application

    +1 Basically runs the Medical Troopers, he doesn't always get the credit that he deserves and doesn't complain. Would be a good asset to the staff team!
  3. RetroDawn

    Tales of The Museum 2

  4. RetroDawn

    Tales of The Museum 2

    @bruh My name isn't in there because I am sitting in the background directing the movie
  5. RetroDawn


  6. I agree with what dead has said above. I do not believe you are currently the best Vader you could be, how ever I do believe you should be given a chance to change and to do more fun things. Removal is not the answer for me.
  7. RetroDawn

    212 2nd detachment jetpacks

  8. RetroDawn

    DT-03's ISB Commanding Officer Application

    Thanks for correcting me! I will reserve my opinion until I see you in game ๐Ÿ™‚
  9. RetroDawn

    Thick' Riot Commander Application

    Closed at the request of the applicant.
  10. RetroDawn

    Scott's ISC CO App - Cancelled

    +1. Scott is definitely most fit out of ISC for this position. He is always active, and I know he can transition easily into this role.
  11. Hi Team, I didn't think I would have to write this, but it looks like I do. When responding to applications on the forums there are some basic rules we need to follow: 1) Do not argue on applications. State your criticism / endorsement on the application and let the person respond, that is the end (suggestions is the only exception of this rule, we encourage discussion). 2) Be constructive. Any sort of targeted abuse towards any race, religion, age, gender, etc, is not tolerated. This is a non negotiable, if you cannot give someone feedback which they can then work on, then there is no point in commenting. (e.g. "Hes a retard -1" "-1 I don't think you are capable of being staff, you constantly minge and do not RP") These are two simple rules, anything the creator of the app does on their own application will only be damaging their own accreditation towards getting what they are applying for. The Senior Admin team and I will be following this closely. Regards, RetroDawn.
  12. RetroDawn

    Grandmas PAC Application

    +1 Literally says that your pac doesn't have to be star wars related, you have shown without the star wars pacs that you can use pac. Thank you for updating your pac app for the people who requested you put star wars related pacs in there showing your dedication to the app even when you didn't have to.....
  13. RetroDawn

    RetroDawn Staff App

    - Updated playtime from below the minimum to above.
  14. RetroDawn

    TK-0131 โ€˜Scorchโ€™ ST 2IC Application

    -1. Nothing to do with you I simply think for a regiment like Storm Troopers it should wait to see who is actually dedicated as a lot of people very easily switch our of ST quite frequently. Who ever is accepted as CO should pick the person most dedicated.
  15. RetroDawn

    TK-227 'Kirie' Commander Application

    +1 for sure. Not very often people are interested in becoming ST CO.