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    Shie's PAC3 Application

    Well the reason that I have the strap long is because during combat I'm not going to stop and adjust the strap before engaging an enemy, however i may make a second version for when im on guard when the strap adjustment would be more accurate.
  2. Silence Morder

    Shie's PAC3 Application

    Name [In Character]: TX-1991 Shie Discord Name: Silence_M #9587 STEAM-ID: STEAM_0:1:84502719 Current Regiment: 975th Regiment Age: 20 Playtime: 2D 17H Why do you want PAC3? Elaborate. I've become a well known member to 975th and to the server, I'd like to show the server my capability to represent, not only myself, but all of 975th. I also want PAC3 to show my roles, I'm part of 975th, which is an attack and defense role, but I'm also a personal guard to Beans. I believe that the my PAC will allow me to proudly express the solid capabilities of 975th, that we don't back down and aren't afraid of a fight. I want PAC not just for my personal reasons, but to show the others and the enemy that 975th isn't here to play Why do you deserve PAC3? Elaborate. I've spent a lot of my own time working on my PAC, on the server and to learn how to improve my skills, but that alone isn't the only reason I think I deserve PAC permission. As a stated above I've become a personnel guard to a person of importance. I will lay my life down to protect them and the people I defend in IHC, the PAC will show my allies and enemies that I'm ready for a fight, that I will lay my life down and that I will succeed in the objective. I think I deserve PAC3 because I think I need to show my role, a guard, an attacker, a protector of my leaders and fellow troopers. To shorten the reason I think I deserve PAC3 is because I've spent the time dedicated to getting myself into an important role, I deserve it because I've demonstrated that I do, and that I will continue to prove that I do. What is the purpose of PAC3 on the server? The purpose of PAC 3 on the server is to express players, some will colour themselves differently to account for regiments or roles inside that regiment, for some other players its to allow for a more accurate role play, like the engineers having tool belts, or the Shock troopers carrying tasers and restraints, or 975th with different colours and patterns to simplify their role designation. Other than cosmetic improvement and designation/markings, some PAC's are required to represent an accurate model, missing clothing or equipment, these small but vital parts improve role play to a better degree Some Screenshots: Full Body Views, Front and back with equipment: DLT-17 strap goes under my arm under my belt and around my back, restraints attach to my belt Belt attaches half way down the barrel of the DLT-17 and hangs over my shoulder, side arm holster hangs off my belt Back view shows DLT-17 strap attaches to the bottom of the grip and were the weapon sits while not drawn. Weapons Drawn with details shown: DLT-17 Drawn with strap hanging down, shoulder plate and neck shield move into position while ADS Holster remains in position while drawn. Close Ups of equipment and their positions: ID card is clipped onto my left forearm for easy access as, restraints shown with more clarity of position Sidearm in its holster and its position on the belt and hip Rear view of DLT-17 and my back armour plate Thanks for your time -Shie
  3. Silence Morder


    To just reply to the few thing that have been brought up on everyone's comments, i did add bulk to my PAC for the reason that I want to appear bulky, I'm not a tank, but I am a guard and support attacker, the added bulk would in reality not affect my capabilities and would increase my defensive strengths. The the over the shoulder plate is not stabbing me, its merged into the breast and back plates, its not perfect, but its better than the crappy round plate I had in my first application. The 'bunny ears' on the first PAC was more aesthetic but I did give them a practical purpose, to be a radio antennae, the new version as above removes 1 of them and replaces it with a part that is used by almost everyone. the second antennae which looks similar to the old version is actually an attempt to be more practical than aesthetic, I've seen old clone troopers with similar parts, weather or not storm troopers did or do I'm not sure I couldn't find them, but I seriously don't think it would break immersion for myself or others, unless your are a perfectionist (in which case I guess you can go fuck yourself, nothings perfect). Something that I should also point out is that I'm still working on the PAC, I've added some binds for poses, while I'm still trying to figure out how to set them correctly I am improving the PAC as i go. And to finish on a better note, even though I know this is more likely to be denied, I'm going to keep re applying, because as i said in both this and my previous application, I'm dedicated to this server, but if I keep getting shit on for small, honestly unimportant details then I might lose that determination.
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    My updated pac3 application, new and improved
  5. Silence Morder


    !!!Old Application New 1 on its way!!! Name [In Character]: TX-1991 Shie Discord Name: Silence_M #9587 STEAMID: STEAM_0:1:84502719 Current Regiment: 975th Regiment Age: 20 Playtime: 1D 16H Why do you want PAC3? Elaborate. Compared to my first application, I've spent a significant amount of time working on it, I want it both as a cosmetic display of my new found skill and as a more realistic take on what a trooper would practically do as modification to his/hers Armour in universe. I've taken in criticism and pointers to improve my PAC, such as the old antennae with the new design, the new more realistic neck shielding and weapon holsters and straps. I hope to impress and continue improving as well as learning more ways to add detail to the PAC. Why do you deserve PAC3? Elaborate. As I said before I have spent a good amount of time in this server, and I do want to stand out to others in my regiment, however now I believe that with my new and improved PAC load out can impress people to also believe I deserve this. What is the purpose of PAC3 on the server? My hope in my play time is to establish my desire to be a good offensive capable player, the armour design is meant to compliment this by being a technically correct form of defense, that being the neck shield. I've also displayed my ability to relay information I learn during and outside combat, with the single antennae acting like a longer range communications capability. Full Front View: Side and Rear View: Primary Weapon Drawn with neck shield displayed: Side arm drawn showing empty holster: Close up of basic tools and Primary Weapon Strap: Side View of Side arm in holster Thanks for your time - Shie
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    Thanks for all the responses, I've spent some more time of the PAC and I've done some serious improvements, still working on it and I hope to resubmit the application soon Edit: oh and on the point of the antenna is more for communication, but also because I wanted it, but if its not acceptable I'll take them off
  7. Silence Morder