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  1. General Kenobi ™

    Dynamites Vader’s Fist CO Application

    +1 Gave me beans when no one else would. But actually is a really matured player that I respect and believe will do an amazing job.
  2. General Kenobi ™

    Suggestion #001 - Squad System

    +1 Squad system is a great way to implement actual combat techniques and strategies into the server. Allowing squads to stay in contact and protect their fellow squad members. Also great for event characters to see where they are when planning attacks and properly implement their attack to its full potential. Now to all the people saying it's breaking the immersion or the Friendly fire button that can be enabled/disabled will break the rp, is just plain stupid. Yes, this is a serious roleplay server, but our server doesn't operate that seriously for those issues to be a problem. Seen numerous people on this post breaking rp and that's ok. Because we're all here to have a great time and meet new friends. So lets saddle up and implement a measly addon that will only improve our great server and help us make great memories with friends.
  3. General Kenobi ™

    Adding Official Rules for Engineer on the !rules page

    I understand that. But some other vehicles such as the spider walker, I built isn't just a mingey car. But yes I understand
  4. Now the title may or may not be confusing. But to explain it, currently, on the rules page (!rules) there isn't a section for engineers. Now, why would they need rules to show to everyone? Well, this comes down to the "apparent rule about not making any sort of vehicle or mech in the game. I've been warned for this with no real context to why its a rule. Well that's it, officially on the rules page there isn't any rule against building vehicles. Now, this is a problem when admins come down on your ass for a supposed rule that doesn't exist anywhere on the forums or site. I'm simply asking to have rules that are harshly enforced like the vehicle building one, to be stated on !rules so people don't get in trouble for a rule that isn't stated or shown. Simply having it as Failrp, is too broad and doesn't explain anything. Because Failrp can mean many things and just simply labeling vehicle building under failrp as an engineer is a poor reason. Unless they actually make it an official rule. Thank you.
  5. General Kenobi ™


    I don't even remember making this.. hmmm this is quite strange.
  6. General Kenobi ™

    Clash's RIOT CO / 2IC Application:

    i Understand the detail and answers part. But why would you not being on the server be his problem?
  7. General Kenobi ™


    They can't kill us for speaking a made up name.
  8. General Kenobi ™

    Bill's ISB Commander Application.

    +1 is a respectable player and would make a great CO.