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  1. Grandma

    Iconic's PAC3 Application

    yeh +1 for the laddddddddddddddddsssssssssss
  2. Yeh see here though mate. The goddamn bias on the server that happens when it comets Vader and his troops. The amount of other regiments that are fucked over by him but if one of his lil specimens do something wrong they get let off? I just don't think it's right. I don't really care if he stays Vader but my god please just RP. You're not a prostitute so please stop choking every man you see. So basically man, + 1 maybe change him ey
  3. Grandma

    Grandmas PAC Application

    Yeh i understand what you mean Kuzota. Thanks for the +1
  4. Grandma

    Grandmas PAC Application

    Ive added some droid PAC3 that is somewhat simple, that can enhance rp. Im not very good with the overall animation of things so you wont see my droid crumble into a scrap pile upon death or anything of the sort aha
  5. Grandma

    Grandmas PAC Application

    Name [In Character]: Grandma Sung Discord Name: Ayyyyyyyyyy Lmao STEAMID: STEAM_1:1:55281211 Current Regiment: ISO Age: 16 Playtime: 15hrs 14mins Why do you want PAC3? Elaborate. I just want pac3 to enhance my rp as a droid for ISO. At the moment I genuinely don't do anything except get murdered for no reason and or sit at the front gate of ISO bunks. I feel having pac3 could enhance my RP experiences more and allow me to have an overall better time on the server. Along with this, being an ISO member (basically the weapon dealers of the ship), having guns and other salesman related items attached to my pac3 could overall enhance the experience of playing on the server. Why do you deserve PAC3? Elaborate. I think I deserve pac3 due to the fact i can enhance my own pac3 experience and the others around me. This could also allow me to enhance the RP of ISO with sales and other RP scenarios. Ive also only been on this server 15 hours and people already know the name "Grandma sung" and creations ive built have already been perma propped into the ISO headquarters, adding another layer of RP to the ISO area. What is the purpose of PAC3 on the server? PAC3 is a tool on the server that allows for players to enhance their character with modifications, that either create a story or enhance their roleplay in any setting. This provides great opportunity for events and general RP. It allows players to have a more fun and RP enhanced experience on the server. Pictures of any Pac 3 Creations (Please note this doesn't have to be SWRP Themed): All Of these pac3 creations are from a different server that i play on. The first (Man with Blindfold) is a man that when a flashlight is activated his blindfold comes off and his eyes light up. He also has many actions such as reading, shooting and running animations. The second is a simple FBI pac3 that comes with and FBI vest when toggled, he can drink coffee, read newspaper and wear disguises based on what is toggled. The rest is the main star wars themed pac3. also i couldnt find the original droid playermodel that i use on the server, so this is the model ive chosen to work with. I hope these new pac's sway your opinions. Anyway thank you for readin, have a great day.