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  1. TI Toucan

    Toucan's yeah nah.

    I'm not going to do a big speech, this is just a little thing to say I won't be coming back. Reasons? Corruption at the highest levels. When the head developer holds a server hostage so he and his friends can have an all-powerful regiment that answers to no-one and uses swep abuse daily, and when the Head EM uses his powers to skew events and RP in favour of his own regiment, you know that something is badly wrong. I can advise, I can make suggestions, but I cannot do a damn thing about that kind of bullshit. It has honestly completely ruined the RP experience for myself (and, I'm sure, many others), and I absolutely refuse to have any part of it any longer. I'll be looking for another server, possibly looking into making my own. I'm sorry Bert. I know you didn't ask for this job and you're trying, but you're placing your trust in the wrong people. Chase your dreams babe, make that SCP thing ❤️
  2. I'm going to +1 this purely because you know about the SB 920 and as a former Imp Gunner cosplayer that gives me a lore boner.
  3. TI Toucan

    ISC CO Larry Application

    Fucking Larry. This mad lad might as well just change his name to Soontir Fel because he's an ace of legend. Taught Inferno how to fly in IG, was one of Sentry's ELITE PILOT REGIMENT* lads and honestly has always done good with pilots. It's a big heckin +1 from me. Garrick got your back bby. (There was a server wide competition amongst all regiments. They placed 2nd).
  4. TI Toucan

    Imperial Commando Special Unit (IS)

    -1. I see a Clone regiment in an Imp era server, I shoot it down. They'd be 64 years old, biologically speaking. On top of that, there are plenty of CW servers for that sort of thing.
  5. TI Toucan

    Tales of The Museum

    Some things never change. My first week on the server featured IHC taking over the ship and raiding ISB HQ. Not surprised it's still going on. Nice to see Navy and ISB working together though. Amusing vid, cheers.
  6. TI Toucan

    My CO Application

    The Inferno and Nova door ones hit me hard fam. +1.
  7. -1. Cork (as Vader) did RP quite well when I was in Inferno, giving us missions to complete and putting the fear of the Emperor in us. If he's slipped, that is a shame, but there are better ways to resolve the problem than a public witch hunt.
  8. TI Toucan

    got all of you - DECLASSIFIED

    Good times.
  9. TI Toucan

    funk regiment

    -1, not lore. Suggest we make a brand new universe based on Funk Lore, THEN add the Reg.
  10. TI Toucan

    Funk’s Range Trooper CO Application

    +1. Even I will end my exile long enough to post on a Funk app. That's how worthy a commander this cunt is. +Actually trains his troops to a high standard. +Is active and dedicated, was best Nova CO ever. +Is skilled enough to be Spec Ops, proved it in SC and Inferno. +Good leader who takes on feedback and listens to his troops. + Knows his lore, won't make dumbass mistakes. Give him the job or I will reinstall Gmod, log on, slap EVERY member of IHC and then uninstall Gmod again.
  11. Fight harder to save Inferno you cheeky cunt. But nah, I understand. You were a damn good 2IC and it was a pleasure to work with such a professional, competent individual. Bert will be fortunate to have such a capable subordinate. +1, good luck in the next chapter of your adventure.
  12. TI Toucan

    224th IAD

    Kill 212th, add Mud. We don't need mingy clones in an Imperial server, but grumpy Imperial conscripts is just perfect.
  13. TI Toucan

    Engineers Uniform Change [Gal]

    Apologies, didn't get the doc done today - slept in and then had to argue with half the server to keep Inferno from getting removed by an angry mob. Hopefully I'll get to it tonight at some point.
  14. TI Toucan

    Bill's Engineer CO Application

    -1, abused power pretty regularly as staff. I've no doubt he would do the same as a CO.
  15. TI Toucan

    Engineers Uniform Change [Gal]

    Ah, the intricate world of Imperial uniforms. As a long time 501st costumer (8+ years) I have inside scoop on the ins and outs of this field. Give me an hour, I'll put together a comprehensive guide to Imperial uniforms.