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  1. PetiteBob

    Suggestion #001 - Squad System

    Has since been added. Thanks for the suggestion @Longshot
  2. PetiteBob

    Player Report Bob

    Did I sexually assault you? Yes, did you enjoy it? Yes Am I ashamed? No
  3. PetiteBob

    Staff Applications

    A lot of the time these applications are from people who are somewhat new to the community. We need to fully get a grasp and understanding of the user before we accept or deny their application. There is no fixed time period for an application being responded to and there will not be a fixed time. You're lucky we're not like a certain server which have applications up for half a year without a response.
  4. PetiteBob

    Bert Sings Fallen Kingdom

    Please do
  5. PetiteBob

    Bert Sings Fallen Kingdom

    Yikes. Bert
  6. PetiteBob

    Ctrl Alt DeYeet

    Thank fuck.
  7. PetiteBob

    Gals Farewell

    Only one remains......
  8. PetiteBob

    Scorch's VF Commander Application [WITHDRAWN]

    Wow, I got @‘d
  9. PetiteBob

    Scorch's VF Commander Application [WITHDRAWN]

    Noted, the application has been withdrawn.
  10. PetiteBob


    Nothing stopping you from coming back @Mr.Clean
  11. PetiteBob


    For me, pricing isn't an issue. It comes down to the fact that our community is quite reliant on discord and it's already well established. Taking away vital parts of our community for better codex and perms isn't something that I'd like to do. To be to straight, I love TS but our community is already established its presence on discord.
  12. PetiteBob

    PAC 3 Rules

    General PAC Rules - Maximum character height is 1.1 and minimum character height is 0.9 (Warn without hesitation) No extreme modification of armour (Nothing that isn’t in Star Wars, no super bright colours, you still need to look like the regiment you are in.) Blunts, Cigarettes, Out of universe characters and anything else that doesn’t make sense in a serious rp server is banned. PAC3 “Pets” are allowed as long as the pet is something that actually appears in lore. (Things like mouse droids for navy or medical droids for medics are fine) No racist, immature, degrading or sexual PACs of any kind. Wheelchairs are not allowed unless approved by Senior Admin+ for a certain rp reason however the wheelchair must be removed after the Rp is over. Robotics Limbs are allowed for SGT+ however it must be approved by a senior admin+ (You must tell them why you need it for RP etc…) No PAC3 dancing No PAC can have music or any ridiculous audio (Small changes like walking sounds for droids or a different flashlight sound effect is fine) PAC Abuse of any form can result in your removal of access to PAC and possible further punishments, examples of pac abuse are: Breaking any of the rules stated here, wearing non-Star Wars PACs, using PAC to cloak yourself, moving your model away from your hitbox, excessive altering of body parts (Having a huge body and a tiny waist for example). PACs worn should primarily be made by you or another user within the community who has given you permission to use them, pastebins should be kept to a minimum and every PAC needs to be completely Star Wars related. Inactivity or leaving the server can lead to a removal of your PAC role, you would then have to re-apply once you prove that you are active again. Lore Characters should have very minimal cosmetic changes to their model as they should stay as true to the lore character as possible. Fallen Jedi Rules - No full body changes unless approved by Darth Vader and a Senior Admin+ PAC3 cannot be used to make additional force powers unless approved by Darth Vader, the Fallen Order CO and then properly learnt in RP. Trooper Rules - Only CL3+ may have a Kama. CL4+ is required to wear a cape. Medics can add something to their armour to signify the regiment they’re attached to but they must still primarily look like a medic. Troopers may use PAC to remove their helmet however this is only to be used during downtime on the ISD while no combat situations are occuring, you may not have your helmet off while off ship or in an event.
  13. PetiteBob

    Developer Application

    Steam Name: Steam Profile Link: Age: What languages can you program in: Show us your portfolio: What ideas and content can you offer our server:
  14. PetiteBob

    wiremod for engineers

    Wire can be abused too much. It can create nice rp but in the end, it causes more issues than its worth.
  15. PetiteBob

    Weather addon + piano

    Piano added. Weather denied.