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  1. On the first day of 2020, all Indians will get superpowers
  2. +1, need i say more?
  3. Added a new pac.
  4. Section I: GeneralName [In Character]: Quoth Discord Name: Quoth#3566 STEAMID: STEAM_0:1:153503896 Current Regiment: N/A Age: 14 Playtime: N/A Section II: Questionnaire Why do you want PAC3? Elaborate. I would like PAC because I enjoy customising my character and playing around with the functions of pac. Furthermore, I would like pac to increase the level of immersion and to be able to have the ability to accomplish different roleplay situations. Another reason I would like pac is for my character to have another stage of uniqueness to it. To conclude, I am entertained by the things I can create with pac and it opens my mind to different possibilities with the addon. Why do you deserve PAC3? Elaborate. Without sounding demanding, I believe I deserve pac because I had it on the old server and was the first one who was accepted via application. Since then, I have learned so much more about pac. I am now experienced in custom textures, custom animations, harder events, proxies, mesh importing and other various advanced tools. This doesn't include all the other skills which I have knowledge of, like: models, bones, entities, sub-materials, sounds and events. I am obedient and have never made a fuss if a staff member asks me if I could remove a part of my pac. What is the purpose of PAC3 on the server? The purpose of pac on the sevrer is to increase the levels of roleplay. For example, this can include: having a wounded animation when you are below 25hp, a simple hologram animation when talking in comms, or certain weapons or equipment on your sides/back which disappear when holding them. Another purpose of pac that I enjoy, is showcasing them to my friends and learning from their pacs. By doing this, I have learnt a great deal about pac and its functions. Pictures of any Pac 3 Creations (Please note this doesn't have to be SWRP Themed): Pac 1 - Grievous and ID-10 (animations, proxies, bones, events, sounds, trails) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ddxJ79QU4Y&feature=youtu.be Pac 2 - Spinning sabers (proxies and animations) https://imgur.com/a/bA1Osc2 Pac 3 - Tanky stormtrooper I made for a friend (bone manipulation, events and models) Pac 4 - Elite Stormtrooper (bone manipulation, models, animations, events, sub-materials) Pac 4 - Engineer (models, bone manipulation, events, sub-materials) Pac 5 - 501st Pilot, (events, sub-materials) Pac 6 - Sith, this creation allows this animation when using the physgun, as well as an imported snake head (mesh importing, bone manipulation, events) Pac 7 - Spoilers, the astromech from Chapter 8 of "The Mandalorian" (models, bones, sub-materials, entities and lights) I accept that this application may not be accepted and I will not harass staff regarding the application. I will not be aggressive in the comments but rather use constructive criticism to improve. I understand that all work here is my own and if I am found using other’s work I will be punished.
  5. The one where you, littlebig and I were Jedi and Darth Vader was chasing us through the halls.
  6. +1 he made a really fun event when I played galactic gaming one time.
  7. -1 with my experience with you in game, you do not have sufficient commanding experience.
  8. Quoth

    Bios Co app

    -1 sorry but there's better applicants applying for roles like shock commander. Regardless, this application is poorly written, including missing full stops, capital letters and just general grammar all around which makes it hard to comprehend.
  9. -1 basic answers and missing info
  10. Quoth

    Bios Co app

    Please fix grammar/spelling.
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