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  1. [IG] [TM] Jeremy

    Beekeeping Addon for Boosting Currency and RP

    she's killing all the bees she's killing all the bees we don't know why but she's killing all the bees
  2. [IG] [TM] Jeremy

    Blowpa's Staff App

    hi blowpa
  3. [IG] [TM] Jeremy

    Foxtrot's Developer Application

    If you know one coding language, It's usually quite easy to pick up another one quickly with the right tutoring. I don't even play on the server anymore and I have never interacted with you but you'll probably do well as @hypo's slave +1
  4. [IG] [TM] Jeremy

    Beekeeping channel deleted?

    -1. I got stung by a bee when i was 2. I was sad after that
  5. [IG] [TM] Jeremy


  6. [IG] [TM] Jeremy

    Hey, i'm new here

    who are you
  7. [IG] [TM] Jeremy

    Streaming Channel on discord

    If you want to have a "Community Streamer" idea. You would be better off having someone who is in a CO position or just a high ranking position. That's the only way it would work as there wouldn't be as much minge
  8. [IG] [TM] Jeremy


  9. [IG] [TM] Jeremy

    My Ban appeal

    This is old
  10. [IG] [TM] Jeremy

    Yall know what it is

    https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Cuis_clone Its time ladies and gentlemen https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Cuis_clone
  11. [IG] [TM] Jeremy

    Re-add Purge

    If they are implemented properly this time and actually given more things to do other than just guard the sith temple (Which it seems most regiments do anyway). Then it could be a cool addition.
  12. [IG] [TM] Jeremy

    Remove JT

    Jump troopers have been removed
  13. [IG] [TM] Jeremy

    Weather addon + piano

    I don't think the weather addon is a good idea. Will probably cause some frame issues. Piano would be pretty fun in an ooc perspective in a break room
  14. [IG] [TM] Jeremy

    Photo's and Music Loading screen

    I'm going to say this now, No Music. The most annoying thing when loading into the server. It can actually drive new people away. Because if you are like me, I tab out when I load into the server so I can do other shit. So when I do this, I don't want to hear star wars music. A slide show is possible. I mean... The current image is just close up of fabric but it looks nice and makes the logo look good
  15. [IG] [TM] Jeremy

    Bounty Hunter donation rank

    In my experience, Bounty Hunters have never worked despite having a fuck ton of rules. It doesn't make sense for them to be killing troopers, If they were event characters instead of hitmen, It could work Hitmen: -1 Event Characters (Like Rebel) - Could Work