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  1. [TM] James May


    Giver me steff plz thenk yuou
  2. [TM] James May

    Was there a reason behind TM Getting shut down?

    Event masters killed the server. Poor Events even poorer people in the team
  3. [TM] James May

    Something that could save the server.

  4. [TM] James May


    Prae i will always respect you. Good luck with whatever you're doing in the future
  5. [TM] James May

    Another Staff Application from Bill

    Withdrawn. No point in trying to be staff when all EM and most staff are incompetent
  6. [TM] James May

    Head Event Master Change | Sudo

    No wonder you're fucking retarded
  7. [TM] James May

    Head Event Master Change | Sudo

    I HAVE TOLD YOU WHAT TO FIX. FIX THE EVENTS. PLAN THEM PROPERLY, STOP DOING THE EXACT SAME THING ALL THE TIME. The server hit 60 for about 1 week then they noticed the events and bang
  8. [TM] James May

    Head Event Master Change | Sudo

    The EM team = big doo doo heads. You arent getting it are you? You're that fucking thick that you can NOT literally understand that you have shit events and no one is doing anything about it. Dont tell me im shitposting.
  9. [TM] James May

    Bills Dev App

    People are getting mad over a quite obvious joke. Its sad to say that peoples humour was surgically removed.
  10. [TM] James May

    Iconic's PAC3 Application

    -1 Poorly "created pac3s" Obviously pastebins. @Dusty Please deny this.
  11. [TM] James May

    Head Event Master Change | Sudo

    +1 The events are most likely never properly planned or prepared, i know this as a fact. The Snr EMS and stingel are inactive.
  12. [TM] James May

    Another Staff Application from Bill

    Yes my other application was denied. It was moved to the denied section.
  13. [TM] James May

    Bills Dev App

    Name 3 times i've been properly banned. The only bans i have is 1 from Beans which is false 2. is from spam warns from cinder which i could have gotten him removed for.
  14. Section I: General. Name: Bill SteamID: STEAM_1:1:178757588 Steam Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/nigeriansalesman/ Discord Name (Name####): Bill#1686 Age: 15 Previous Infractions (Bans, Warns and Kicks): 1 warn for Prop Abuse. Time on the Server(Minimum 4 days.): 3 Weeks 2 Days 2 Hours Why do you want to become a member of the TM Staff Team? I would like to become staff again for multiple reasons, first being that I want to help the community once more. I know I wasn't the best of staff and that was behind me and I hope it's behind the server aswell. I'm ready to move on and I'm growing more and more each and every day. I look back at my time on GG as a mod and now on here, it was very different but also somehow the same. I'm not going to throw around my power as I did before, I feel as if the fun is gone out of it as I have received the consequences for my actions. I know how to deal with sits, I've become less bias and more willing to read both sides of the conversation and make proper communication and making sure that the sit is completed so both parties have been served justice. I am very experienced and I know what I can do and can't do. I have been apart of this community before it was even open. I'm just hoping that I will be given another chance to show that I can be a good person and behave. The second reason why I want to return to staff is because of how people see me. I'm a minge and I'm seriously trying hard. Now the server is slightly going downhill and I've been reporting most FailRP that I see and staff a doing a great job dealing with it. I know this is a short explanation but I hope it will do. Define the following terms: RDM: Random Death Match: Players killing others for no reason to either annoy or for payback. NLR: New Life Rule: When someone dies their past memories are removed and are not allowed to react or remember anything from that past life. Such as Someone being murdered and then killing them in revenge. FailRP: Fail Roleplay: A person breaking character (Dancing) and it interrupting roleplay. NITRP: No Intent To Roleplay: No intent to roleplay, breaking RP and minging to annoy others and refusing to accept the rules. L2AP: Leaving To Avoid Punishment: Leaving whilst in trouble (Either arrested or in an RP situation). Section II: Scenarios I ) Player A has just RDM’d player B, and Player A is claiming that it didn’t happen. How do you proceed? Well, first of all, I'd take them to a safe sit location to talk to them about it. If Player A still claims he didn't RDM Player B, then I would proceed to check all death and message logs of Player A and Player B (To rule out suspicion of Player B killing Player A first) if the logs show that Player A did indeed kill Player B, I would warn him for RDM and Lying to Staff. II ) Player B has threatened to Dox players on the server, how do you proceed? I would instantly take player B to a sit location and inform management immediately of the Player's intentions/threats. I would then wait on managements reply (whether that be to ban them or keep them under a very watchful eye). If they were to be banned, it would be permanent. III) There is a player requesting a perma-prop, but you’re aware that you are unable too as a Trial Moderator. What do you do? I would message the player saying I will try to get an Admin to permaprop his items for him. If there were no admins on to-do so, then I would ask him to duplicate the props (just in case) and we'd wait for the admin. Now if the admin could not arrive, he'd have the props duplicated. IV) Player B has just joined the server, they have changed their name to racial slurs and is refusing to cooperate with staff instruction to change it. How do you proceed? Straight up ban, if they're not complying with staff and they're refusing to comply with the rules, then it'd be a 3-5 day ban, if they come back afterward with the same intentions, I would ban them for 4 weeks. Although, if they do intend to stop, it'd be a warn and a talking too. Players like this are not tolerated on The Museum but should at least be given a chance or two. Sign Here: Bill