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  1. [TM] James May

    Tales of The Museum

    Replying to month old threads, good job egghead
  2. [TM] James May

    Blowpa's Staff App

  3. So recently i've found a beekeeping script (via the GMOD Store) and i thought to myself that it'd be a good idea considering a few thing. These things are 1. Hypo could recode it so we can use it as a basis for Engineer Roleplay and within that RP, ISO is also incorporated in selling such things have Hives or Honey. Now i've offered to buy the Script if hypo adds it, so +1 if you think its good. https://www.gmodstore.com/market/view/6148
  4. [TM] James May

    Staff Applications

    Honestly a good idea.
  5. [TM] James May

    Bean's Farewell

  6. [TM] James May

    Staff Applications

    Most of the people actually are known in the community. The point of the matter is, that if new applications are being more prioritized than why not just deny the old ones and get it over with?
  7. [TM] James May

    Staff Applications

    Now I've discussed this many times and it still seems to be a problem. Now at the request of HYPO, I am making this thread to try and get the managers actually looking at older staff applications and considering them then just accepting 2-day old ones. <---- Some of the accepted staff applications .<----- Some of the applications still waiting to be Accepted/Denied. Now when the managers see this, they'll probably deny all of them, which isn't actually fixing the problem. Get your fingers out of your arses and do something.
  8. [TM] James May

    Exile's Staff Application

    yrh fuck gay arse noonga +1
  9. [TM] James May

    Scorch's Event Master Application (Vol. 2)

    Iā€™m not giving you further criticism to fuel your ego, i have said what i have said, i could have said much more but i limited it...
  10. [TM] James May

    Foxtrot's Developer Application

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Neutral from me matey
  11. [TM] James May

    Scorch's Event Master Application (Vol. 2)

    Also the warns come into concern. Your past warns are still quite obviously reflecting on you now due to the fact that your temper is something like i've never seen. Sorry m8te
  12. [TM] James May

    Bye fellas

  13. [TM] James May

    Scorch's Event Master Application (Vol. 2)

    Fat -1 You -1 peoples application not based on the "lack" of detail as you call it but because you dislike the person as a whole. Im not speaking of myself, i'm speaking of other players applications. Now that being said, you shouldnt have even done it last time due to the fact that your previous EM application was still at that time open.
  14. [TM] James May

    Bert Sings Fallen Kingdom

    Nice face reveal.