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  1. Curator Dave

    Crispin's Developer Application

    -1 lol arent you like banned.
  2. Curator Dave

    Blowpa's Staff App

    -1 got kicked from the em team dont think you will hold up in the staff team
  3. Curator Dave

    Beekeeping Addon for Boosting Currency and RP

    as curator i am accepting this, its a shame that it wasnt added on server release.
  4. Curator Dave

    Tales of The Museum 2

    It seems you have your info wrong it’s went the complete opposite way
  5. Curator Dave

    Jovans (Kevin) Ban Appeal

    RIP george
  6. Although I think that cork isn’t doing well in his current position don’t get me wrong I like cork but he has so much potential to role play which is just not being used and you can’t just say that the server doesn’t allow him to role play we can only provide so much you need to create your own roleplay
  7. Curator Dave

    212 2nd detachment jetpacks

    update, they are now on the server and in the 2nd ac jobs. once the server changes map or restarts you guys will be able to access it.
  8. Curator Dave

    212 2nd detachment jetpacks

    I will replace the jetpacks on the server currently to something you can spawn with so this issue isn't a thing, it will be done tonight.
  9. Curator Dave

    Walrus' Staff App

    Accepted - Contact myself or Dusty when you get the chance.
  10. Curator Dave

    Bill's Staff Application

    Denied, reapply in 2 weeks.
  11. Curator Dave


    Welcome to management but fr what am I looking at here
  12. Curator Dave

    RetroDawn Staff App

    -1 he’s a retard +1
  13. Curator Dave

    PAC3 request (finally have pics!!)

    Denied - Reapply at a later date, During this time i highly suggest watching some tutorials or ask some friends that already have Pac for advice.
  14. Curator Dave

    Ctrl Alt DeYeet

    Haha just fucking leave already nobody likes you