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  1. +1 | although fairly new, have seen him and he is very dedicated/mature. Overall a good application too
  2. Elias

    Deimos' Farewell

  3. Elias

    Undead Jed's Staff Application

    +1 | Serious and dedicated.
  4. Elias

    I'm the new kid

  5. Elias

    Bean's Farewell

    Bye Bye 💕
  6. Elias

    Keys PAC3 Application

    -1 | Will be happy to change to a +1 f examples are provided.
  7. Elias

    ISC CO Larry Application

    +1 | Is there really any reason needed like come on, it's Larry we all were all thinking he should get CO...
  8. Elias

    Iconic's PAC3 Application

    +1 | Overall it's simple PAC use, but yet effective for RP.
  9. Elias

    Bye fellas

    Woah bye bye
  10. Elias

    Larry's Staff App

    /me Rolls eyes
  11. Elias

    war dogs' pac app

    -1 | Above stated the reasons.
  12. Elias

    Larry's Staff App

    +1 | Have known Larry in game for a bit, but after talking with him and getting to know him I know he would an amazing staff member.
  13. Elias

    Shie's PAC3 Application

    +1 | Overall simple yet effective. Not all PAC users need to have crazy PAC's on and this a very nice sleek, clean and simple PAC3 to your character.
  14. Elias

    Reagan's Pac App

    Neutral | All though the PAC examples are very good (Showing you have knowledge of PAC3) your time is the issue, I have no clue who you are and currently on your application you have less than 10 hours. I am willing to change this to a +1 after you have reached 24 hours of playtime (So I can better understand what you are like in game).
  15. Elias

    im going to commit the farewell

    Farewell comrade! BUT CLEAN YOUR ROOM!