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  1. you dont need a workshop addon in the content pack for cuffs. u really think they gone have no cuffs..
  2. Section I: General Name [In Character]: TK-1061 Bepsi Discord Name: bepsi#3738 STEAMID: STEAM_0:0:148175369 Current Regiment: Storm Troopers Age: 17 Playtime: N/A Section II: Questionnaire Why do you want PAC3? Elaborate. I would like PAC3 permissions as it allows me to express a lot and somewhat contains myself bringing out the best. I would like to enhance the roleplay for myself by using a variety of features to create my own character, with unique markings, custom animations and a variety of other things that present who my character is and making them somewhat unique whilst sticking to regimental restrictions. Why do you deserve PAC3? Elaborate. I strongly believe I deserve PAC3 on The Museum, I have quite a broad understanding of how to use PAC3 and the majority of its features being a member of PAC Team/Management on a variety of servers I understand exactly what not to do and how to effectively utilise the tool. I am constantly trying to gain more understanding and create better PACs. What is the purpose of PAC3 on the server? To my understanding the purpose of PAC3 within this server is to enhance any RP scenarios with the utilisation of many creations, Animations, Holograms and so on and to allow members to showcase their character through this addon. Pictures of any Pac 3 Creations (Please note this doesn't have to be SWRP Themed): The PACs provided include but are not limited to - Custom Animations, Custom Models, Custom Materials, Projectiles, Bone manipulation, Proxies, Jiggle, Models, Light and a bit more Full PAC Examples - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jAPbAreLQUHpi5y-AH3iBUxSWs-91FRTkxAwQSqv9DM/edit?usp=sharing PAC Portfolio - This showcases smaller examples of a vast amount of different features - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jztYx72AUytvoBxCklbDOpIS5Ct3UdBPbxSXmNl9SuA/edit?usp=sharing I accept that this application may not be accepted and I will not harass staff regarding the application. I will not be aggressive in the comments but rather use constructive criticism to improve. I understand that all work here is my own and if I am found using other’s work I will be punished.
  3. +1, excellent my young apprentice
  4. you make no effort to provide a decent response, its clear you have just neutral'd this based of not knowing them making no attempt to read this application. your comment hold 0 value.
  5. lmao imagine being an incel looser, i did not jump on this bandwagon i am the bandwagon i have hated pineapple on pizza and pineapple in general since before i had access to internet, my entire life i have had this hatred so how about you shut the fuck up and mind your own business.
  6. +1, I do believe you have the potential to succeed in this role, there are definitely some areas that need to be improved to allow you to fulfil this role effectively, but i'm sure with time and practice the events you provide will develop to a higher standard. Bet you weren't expecting this from me.. I'll leave this one here
  7. Bepsi

    Bios Co app

    anyone can write an application, your actual performance in those roles is what really matters. its also how it has been presented. People who dont know what TG or Exiled were, might think you had these roles for the listed times and gave up (442nd 5 minutes, DT 1 week) re-wording this would be better as some may be mistaken and take you for someone who is easy to quit. I personally dont bother listing roles i spend under a month in as it doesnt really provide anything.
  8. Bepsi

    Bios Co app

    -1, I believe the issue of not being able to edit has been fixed. In saying that, there are many formatting and grammar issues I believe should be fixed. Some of your answers are dull and don't really make you stand out from the crowd and you do repeat yourself in some answers quite a bit. Also there is ZERO reason to even list these roles, as they prove nothing. Personally I believe you would be better suited to being an Officer, commanding is a very demanding role that takes A lot, it is VERY different to being a 2IC.
  9. This isn't exactly what is being asked, I believe what they would want to see is if you have been an actual commander eg. Vader's Fist, Senior CO, 4 Months, Empire Gaming.
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