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  1. The events is lacking. So is the questionnaire. You have no detail nor effort to put into it.
  2. -1 - Application under-detailed in all areas. - I know you omega and I know you are a good guy but, please fix up the application and I could change to Neutral or +1 Changing to +1 - Listened to feedback well. - Fixed application accordingly.
  3. Neutral Application is alright. Don't know you very well. Please maybe make the application look more appealing.
  4. 212th is my honest opinion is an unneeded regiment. There are other regiments which need to be filled first then other regiments could be decided.
  5. -1 Leaning to Neutral - Application under-detailed. +1
  6. +1 Decent PAC3 Creations Things to fix: - Look of application.
  7. +1 Very detailed, good looking pac3’s
  8. Section I: General InGame Name: Bill Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:178757588 Time on the server (minimum 1 day): 2 weeks+ (On old server) Any warnings or bans on the server, list their durations and reason: 1 Apparent warn for prop throwing Age (14+, if you are younger speak to the Head Event Master): 16 Do you own a microphone?: Yes Do you have experience with the following: Default Gmod tools (Creator, duplicator etc)?: Yes ULX Commands?: Yes NPC Tools?: Yes Section II: Questionnaire Why do you want to apply for Event Master? (minimum 50 words): There are a current lack of Event Masters and with my previous experience staffing this server and ingenious ideas, I think I would make a great addition to The Museum EM Team. Now one of the worst additions of TM were the events. Countless terrible events where nothing would be achieved and they'd leave the event, leaving all players furious. What do you think you can bring to the event? (minimum 50 words): I can bring new found creativity. I have so many ideas for Events but could never express them due to not having a passion in being an event master. I have experience with admin tools and being able to plan and prepare situations properly. I know how to use admin tools with efficiency and I know the current EM team well. Do you have any experience on any other servers, list the rank you held and time holding that rank: - The Museum - Admin - 2-4 Months - Galactic Gaming - Moderator - 3 Months+ Do you think you can perform well with other event masters and work well as a team?: Yes. I've known the current EMs for quite a while. -Event- Write an event plan, be sure to include event characters, maps and a clear storyline.: Event Name: The Killers Map: gm_jakku_wreck_v1 Event Characters needed: - 1 Jedi (8k-10k Health) - 3 Rebel Troopers (2k HP) - NPCs can be used for the rest. - Major General Bob (This is myself) (3k Hp) - High General (Preferably played by Skye) Briefing: - A bounty has been set on a High General (Lets say Skye). All Bounty Hunters or Rebels spotted on the ship or near must be detained or killed. The Event: - Major General Bob - Troopers be aware Bounty Hunters have attacked the ship! Be on the lookout and take them out! From what we know a bounty has been traced back from Bounty Hunters to a Jedi and his sympathisers on Jakku. Briefing: - Major General Bob - The Jedi and rebel sympathisers have now fled with Major General (Skye). We have tracked them to desert planet of Jakku currently under control by the rebellion. We will have to move with haste if we are to find the Jedi and take back High General (Skye) Board the ships in Main hangar one and prepare to move out! Change to gm_jakku_wreck_v1 - Major General Bob - Navy will set up a temporary base to search for heat signatures in the ships surrounding the area. We have traced the Jedi and his sympathisers to this position and believe they are hiding in one of these grounded star destroyers. When we have the intel we will get back to you so you can set off to find and eliminate the rebels and bring Major General (Skye) to safety once again. - Major General Bob - Navy have located a huge amount of heat signatures in this star destroyer. Troopers, with the help from your commanders we want you to split into two even teams. You know your mission. Find the High General as soon as possible so we can evacuate from this planet. - Major General Bob - High General (Skye) Has been located and is now being escorted back to base. He will be treated for injuries when we get back to the Star Destroyer. After event- Major General Bob - Man the dropships and evacuate the High General to the Star destroyer that is currently awaiting to evacuate us. We must move immediately to as the Rebels have now be informed on our arrival. Navy have spotted many heat signatures coming to this exact location. - Change back to Star Destroyer - Debrief: - Major General Bob - We were successful in taking out the rebel squadron and now have High General (Skye) Back to safety. He is currently being treated in the Med bay with minor injuries. We hope for a speedy recovery! Thank you all for your participation. If it wasn't for you the High General would not be here today, Section III: Final Questions -Do you swear you will obey the following- Do you swear to not abuse your powers under any circumstances?: Yes. I've had past experience with this and minging and I must say I seriously have changed. My current time on IG has showed me that minging isnt needed and to have proper fun is to enhance roleplay for others and to immerse into your respected roleplay. I've made people mad with my rampant past abuse and I see now that its seriously giving me a bad rap and that they seriously hate me for it. This new server is about "Redemption", no past wrongs should matter now, as its a new server. Do you swear you will not jump in on staff matters UNLESS there is no staff present?: Yes If you are accepted, are you aware you must be an active player on the server and producing events regularly?: Of Course Sign here: Bill
  9. All of your application is still too basic. So for time being, I will stay as a Neutral
  10. Neutral. I'll most likely change this to a +1 I dont like some areas of the Scenarios. If you could give better detail, i'd change.
  11. -1 As I can recall you were pretty toxic at some stages. I wouldn't want to see you as a staff sorry.
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