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  1. grimms

    Storms Trial-EM app

  2. grimms


    Well, I'd like to begin with saying that it was a good run, from honest beginnings to now. Honestly, I regret a lot of the shitstiring that I was responsible for in the last few weeks. @Bert @PetiteBob did an excellent job picking up where I left off, and honestly, i'd like to apologise for the shit I caused. The server was great fun, and for the 5 months that the server was around, I had some good memories. Sad to hear the end, and i'm probably going to get shit for "Killing it" but, it is what it is. Thanks everyone for playing, and good luck to @Bert with the Rumoured SCP server, wOooooo. It was a pleasure whilst it lasted.
  3. grimms

    Jovans (Kevin) Ban Appeal

    RIP George
  4. I do appreciate the feedback, however, I'd like to point out, over the course of I think, 3 months? 0 major accomplishments in literally the highest role in the server. I can't think of literally any event that has made any meaningful change on the server, aside from maybe, the promotion of an RG Commander? and a fallen order Commander? It already highlights a pattern of quite literally, doing nothing. Note, in the post, I call for his removal from VADER, not PK. This means, transferring him elsewhere, where maybe he can actually like, do something?
  5. Not at all, actually, but feel free to think this.
  6. As a person, Ecork is a great bloke, however, having such an unfit member who doesn't utilize the role at all as Vader, slightly annoys me. After speaking to a variety of people, ECork has been painted as a Vader who in simple terms, doesn't do anything. As an Ex-Owner, I had the chance to view things from a different perspective, and quite honestly, don't know why I didn't remove him back then. ECork would be suited for a role such as MHC Representative, not Vader. His lack of RP, and lack of active contribution to the Sith Branches has left the Fallen Order and Royal Guards in a sorry state, that quite honestly, aren't utilized either to their fullest extent. Bringing onboard a new Vader would allow for a new view on the Sith Order, and perhaps, a better sith order. Current VaderRP is Cork running around, and occasionally choking people. Vader has the potential to be so much more, yet, it is lacking. I propose that we begin the search for a new Vader, and remove Cork. This view I know is shared by a few, feel free to speak to your opinions.
  7. grimms

    DT-03's ISB Commanding Officer Application

    Was already established why, However. Application Withdrawn. Requesting lock.
  8. grimms

    DT-03's ISB Commanding Officer Application

    In addition to me quite literally being almost bed-bound due to sickness. Not to forget, that LOA was incorrect, not even landing in Australian until the 7th. @RetroDawn 😕
  9. grimms

    DT-03's ISB Commanding Officer Application

    In recent times, Krieg has become unable to uphold the responsibilities of CO, hence the application.
  10. Name [In Character]: DT-03. Discord Name: Praetorian#4502 STEAMID: STEAM_0:1:55648209 Current Regiment: Death Troopers. Past Regiments on The Museum (Write none if ST): Imperial High Command (General) Inquisitorious (Grand Inquisitor) ISB (Lieutenant) Sith (Gallius Rax) Death Troopers (Warrant Officer 1st Class) Age: 17. What Regiment do you hope to command/2IC? (Multiple are allowed) (Please check the list before answering) I would like to take command of the Imperial Security Bureau Detachment onboard the ISD. Describe your chosen regiment/s role aboard the ISD and during events. Elaborate. The ISB, or Imperial Security Bureau is an organization founded by Emperor Palpatine, designed to maintain order, and law within the Empire. Their role is paramount to the successful running of the server. They are responsible for the maintenance of the Empires' High Standard of Lawfulness, and to withhold the integrity of the Empire. This duty intitles a range of activities, ranging from; reeducations to assassinations. Whilst on deployment, ISB Operatives are expected to continue to Enforce the Laws of the Empire, whilst assisting the Event Command with any necessary tasks, ranging from Interrogations to advanced surveillance. Why do you want this position? Elaborate. In recent times, ISB has been unable to successfully reorganized and become a centre for RP, as it once had. This is due to a multitude of reasons, lack of long-term command, lack of interest, etc. If I were to be given the command of the Regiment, I would begin a long-term rework, that would see a variety of "Passive-RP" and "Active-RP" opportunities for agents within the Regiment. This would see the foundation of a range of different departments and their expansion to heavy RP. I have held the role of ISB CO in the past, on a variety of other servers. Galactic Gaming is a notable case of my command of ISB, as it was one of the finest instances of ISB that the server had seen. I am a dedicated, and loyal member of TM, and I would like to do my part in the revival, and command of a regiment that has long-since been swept under the carpet, and has remained as a laughing stock of the server. Given command of the Regiment, I would begin by bringing a selected number of people into the command ranks and immediately start establishing departments, and their relationships with each other, and roleplay associated. It is time ISB had a change. Why should we pick you over other applicants? As a long-time member of TM, and an extremely experienced player, I would feel as if I am a prime candidate for this role. My methods may not be liked, but almost always provide quality results, and to this fact, I believe I should be chosen. I am a well-respected community member, and I would like to expand my duties and settle down in this role. Describe yourself in three words. Strict, Clear-Sighted and Able. How active can you be a week? Elaborate. On the average week, I am able to dedicate multiple hours to the server each night. If I am unable to be on the server, I would be able to assist in the organization and back-end work, such as Document Creation, and other such responsibilities. Latest Commanding Experience. Elaborate. How Long? What Server? Rank? My last command role was that of the Inquisitorious, on the Museum. I served as the Grand Inquisitor of the Order, and held the role for over a month. My time as Grand Inquisitor was seen as the Golden Age for the Inquisitorious, with the order being the most involved in RP at the time. I have also held a variety of long-lasting command positions in the past, as previously stated, most notably, and applicable that of my command of ISB on GG. My command lasted for over 3 months, and in the time saw myself promoted from Constable > Chairman. Note: I am willing and able to take command and rework ISB, due to the recent inability of the commander, Krieg. Make your opinions based on the Application. I have completed the application and accept that I will not harass staff and accept the fact that I may not be chosen for a position.
  11. grimms

    Krieg's ISB CO Application

  12. grimms

    Jaller Obrim's (GUILT'S) ISB CO Application

    +1. Had the chance to play with him here and there, excellent trooper and has the potential to be a great CO.
  13. grimms

    Bill's ISB Commander Application.

    -1. Bill has never been a serious player, he frequently fucks around and creates a toxic environment for other players. For a regiment shrouded by toxicity right now, bringing a toxic commander on is the last thing that they need. For these reasons, and more. Very big -1.