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  1. Take back what's rightfully ours Dave, take back the staff role... +1
  2. And so it seems....I am left here to weather the great storm of lack of a response.... 😢
  3. hello my name is Krieg, give me Gallius Rax I Krieg, the sexiest man alive, of sound, mind and body, hereby confirm the creation of this application-29/11/2019
  4. As I said my fellow gamer girl, I'm all cool for any position. Could definitely think of a few ideas with VF... but we'll see how we go with this.
  5. Section I: General Name [In Character]: Paul Hausser Discord Name: Krieg#0318 STEAMID: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198277800889/ Current Regiment: None lmao you gay Past Regiments on The Museum (Write none if ST): GOV ISB, ST Age: 14 Section II: Questionnaire What Regiment do you hope to command/2IC? (Multiple are allowed) (Please check the list before answering) Shock, however I wouldn't be opposed to commanding other regiments. Describe your chosen regiment/s role aboard the ISD and during events. Elaborate. While on the ISD, the Shock troopers act as the general police force of the ISD, guarding/patrolling places and people of high importance and performing some of the more basic types of discipline on any Imperial personnel. This discipline includes, but is not limited to detainment, severe beatings, tasings, mean words, etc. In some cases, Shock might assest ISB and other organisations in their tasks, more commonly when DT aren't availile, or ofcourse they just require more manpower to pull off some of their mischeivous acts. Riot troopers are of course acting as the elite individuals within Shock troopers, committing to the roles of crowd control, CQC raids and the protection of VIPs and HVTs. The Riot troopers also act in more... clandestine operations... During events, the Shock troopers still generally stick to there usual roles. Performing basic discipline, guarding checkpoints and what not. Also, Shock troopers will ensure the validity of all Imperial and civilian personnel, checking IDs and what not. Shock troopers also capture and secure any POWs or any Imperials/Civilians suspected of treachery. Just like outside of events, the Riot troopers will still guard VIPs, however they will also deal with the capture of HVTs in certain scenarios, and will ensure they do not escape once captured. Riot troopers also conduct crowd control on civilians or any groups of anything that would be considered troublesome. Shock troopers will also organise the placement of checkpoints. Why do you want this position? Elaborate. I want the position of Shock CO because I'm quite interested in the RP Shock and Riot involve themselves in, and believe I could improve and expand the RP Shock have. I must admit, I'm not to overzealous about protecting the poor innocent server community from the great scourge of minges or rule breakers, their just here to have fun, just like everybody else. However, I'm gonna be just as happy to slap those boys and gals on their bottoms and chuck them in a jail cell. I've had experiences with the Shock trooper regiment before, and I found them quite enjoyable. I've made a lot of friends while I was in the regiment, and I'm glad to make some new friends should I be accepted. Why should we pick you over other applicants? I believe I should be chosen over other applicants because I not only have in-game leadership experience, but also experience irl within the Army Cadets. I know how to treat subordinates, and how to organise them and keep them happy. From those experiences, I've learned the difference between leading and commanding, and while CO may have commanding in the bloody name, it's important COs are able to lead their regiment into their tasks, rather than just telling them to do it. I have a lot of ideas for Shock and Riot, and am excited to put them in place if I'm accepted, however I will of course pose those ideas to the CO should I not be accepted. An example of one of these ideas (and please note this will only be a very undescriptive example, as I don't want to spoil anything 😉 ) is involving Shock and Riot with some much more devious RP, while not bringing it to the point of minging of course. I know how to manage people, making sure the moral and quality is high, though I must admit I'm not the greatest at Climb SWEP or PvP in general, but I'll definitely being inviting some very good boys to advise my training and what not 😉 . Describe yourself in three words. Committed, Carefree, Creative How active can you be a week? Elaborate. Almost everyday (Have Army Cadets pretty much every Wednesday, and may be away every so often due to courses and what not) and am currently going through a bit of a bad spot with my mental and physical health, as I have lung cancer Latest Commanding Experience. Elaborate. How Long? What Server? Rank? ISB, 1 week, Lieutenant (This is very short, and I'm not very proud of this as I know I could have done a much better job. However I was diagnosed with cancer after like two days of being CO lol), left due to physical problems MT, 3 weeks, Lt. Colonel, Omada, left due to disagreement with management choices... (Contact me over discord if you have any questions, queries or doubtful points 😉 ) I have completed the application and accept that I will not harass staff and accept the fact that I may not be chosen for a position.
  6. After reading through the replies and the application itself, I have identified some issues.... 1. You need some help with formatting and what not 2. People seem to place WAY to much value in an application I've known you for a good while now, and from my experiences your a good guy, the best guy for the job I know at least. Of course, you do need to do some improvement on your paperwork. Your writing the app to sell yourself, and people who don't know you are gonna form their opinion off of the way you write and format, and of course there's the whole document thing, but you can get people to help you with that thingo. Either way, +1
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