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  1. Zystem_EXE

    Crispin's Developer Application

    It’s even cropped the exact same
  2. Zystem_EXE

    Crispin's Developer Application

    Anyone else notice that Foxtrot and this guy have THE EXACT same screenshot of code in their applications for what I’m guessing is a Defcon system of some kind?
  3. Zystem_EXE

    im going to commit the farewell

    bruh we only finished one jigsaw puzzle, do more nibba
  4. Zystem_EXE

    Tales of The Museum 2

    BRUH i wanna see the end of THAT movie
  5. Red, long, and constantly killing children
  6. Bruh I don’t wanna be Vader, I wanna just be Vader’s lightsabre, literally
  7. Idk I think I display Vader’s power pretty well, doesn’t get much better than a saber through the abdomen of a subordinate
  8. While not the most RP strong individual, Cork HAS done things internally across multiple divisions of power, including IHC and the restructuring of the entire Dark Side users concept. I think it would be exceptionally hasty and quite odd to go straight to removing someone over giving them some form of an opportunity or wake up call to improve, whether that’s a period of time or just a chance. Id much prefer to see some form of support from the wider community to allow him to change rather than this toxic negative approach of ganging up and forcing someone out. IF it really was a massive issue, then management would be expected to deal with it, however based on this thread and people’s reaction, it is more of a controversial topic in which people search for support to in a sense “overthrow” the other side, which imo has no place in any situation. Give him a wake up call and a shot to improve, rather than ganging up on a long standing member of the community. EDIT: To add, no disrespect to Prae or whatever (luv you dad) I think it’s insanely stupid for a topic like this to be publicised on the forums, especially when it targets AN INDIVIDUAL over say a regiment or group of people. You could get away with something like this if you were looking to gain support over the removal of a regiment or people in a regiment, but the targeted ideal and the concept of highlighting an individual in a negative light is insanely out of touch and really not something that can be seen as respectful to the community as a whole. This statement goes for everyone in this thread suddenly supporting and basically just dissing Cork as a player and as a community member
  9. Zystem_EXE

    DT-03's ISB Commanding Officer Application

    Prae wasted 0 seconds in yoinking CO
  10. Zystem_EXE

    Thick' Riot Commander Application

    +1 Don’t listen to the above ones, I don’t remember when CO positions were given to people because they “deserved” them Just give him it so Riot can actually do it’s proper job rather than being a less red Shock
  11. Zystem_EXE

    TONY's ST CO Application (Re apply due to IHC weirdness)

    -1 Already had your chance to prove yourself to the community whether you can be a suitable CO, you fought so hard to be ACO but afraid you blew it. Better candidates have arisen
  12. Zystem_EXE

    Ctrl Alt DeYeet

    feelsbad all the fighting on the app just to leave it hanging
  13. Zystem_EXE

    Ctrl Alt DeYeet

    Ah yes fractal gaming
  14. Zystem_EXE

    Ctrl Alt DeYeet

    -Kuzota to his ST CO position August 2019
  15. Zystem_EXE

    Ctrl Alt DeYeet

    Don’t understand how happy I was when you left, coincidence you come back and I leave? 🤔