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  1. Served under Toothless as Deputy Operations Director on GG, have to say was probably my second favorite role during my time there. I know for a fact he can lead Engineers. As long as they don't let things get out of hands with the mingy behaviour, which we all do sometimes. +1 Best of luck with your application. Bort.
  2. Yeah my opinion hasn't changed still a massive +1 Best of luck with your application" Bort.
  3. OGJed

    Torins EM ;)

    I can see where you're coming from, however I understand it can also be harder to describe stuff on paper then, it is to go along with in your own head. For sure something Torin could work on to better any event that he may make but not run smoother for everyone.
  4. hahahah the jitter noises hahah
  5. Will you make sign a galaxy wide law, making Taco Tuesdays a must on every ISD???
  6. OGJed

    Torins EM ;)

    I've played countless events made an ran by Torin, all have been great. He knows his stuff and is more then capable of running and making an event. I would also say its safe to assume he can help newer EM's learn the ropes. Massive +1 Best of luck with your application. Bort/CMDR. Darius
  7. MASSIVE +1 It's Dave is there any reason required???
  8. Haven't known you personally, for too long but from the interactions I have had with you, you have shown me that you're more than capable of being staff. Not only this but your application is excellent, everything was done with great detail, and it shows you actually put effort and dedication into it. Massive +1 Best of luck with your application. Bort/CMDR. Darius.
  9. I've seen you as an EM on other servers, you generally have the right idea. However I've seen a fair share of some of the events you've hosted that were just crap. I hope this time around you work on quality over quantity. +1 Best of luck with your application. Bort/CMDR. Darius.
  10. I've seen a fair bit of how you work Galaxy and I do think you would do well in this role, however a few things I would recommend working on as a CO, from what I saw in 975th you weren't all that assertive, you were a little too laid back for my liking and you let a fair bit slip past you, in terms of the regiments overall ability and quality factor. I'm not having a go at you, these are just some things I've noticed. +1 Best of luck with your application. Bort/CMDR. Darius.
  11. Application is great and well written, I've played a hell of a lot of SWRP with you EMBER and I can't think of anyone else better suited for Imperial commando's. Massive +1 Best of luck with your application. Bort/CMDR. Darius.
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