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  1. Bepis

    Foxtrot's Developer Application

    as a confident scratch programmer i will have to -1 this one.
  2. Bepis

    Keys PAC3 Application

    also it does say you need at least 3 images (next time read the document) "Upload appropriate PAC3s showcasing all your talent, upload at least 3 screencaps, or even better 3 entirely different PAC3s" was at the very top of the template so yeah..
  3. Bepis

    Keys PAC3 Application

    its a pac app.... of course proof you can actually make shit is needed. anyone can say im a pac god i can do all this shit, but can you?
  4. Bepis

    Bye fellas

    should have bombed a debrief
  5. Bepis

    war dogs' pac app

    my head, the app literally tells you there is a MINIMUM requirement or the app will be denied. your answers are also quiet poor. -1
  6. Bepis

    im going to commit the farewell

    not like anyone cares nor noted your presence in the first place. and why the fuck arent i @ on there, smh after all i did for ST's. my head.
  7. Bepis

    forget this

  8. Bepis

    Pac "Poses" (Intermediate)(event)

    very nice tutorial
  9. Bepis

    forget this

    -1 Why is it so spaced out there is a minimum of pacs required to even be considered so answers more than minimal
  10. Bepis

    Gal's Staff Application

    +1 was one of the only competent un-abusive staff.
  11. Bepis

    Grandmas PAC Application

    Neutral doesnt really show anything you could actually use in RP as a droid.
  12. +1, actually knows what the regiment needs rather than someone thinking being a tough cunt will provide benificial. ST’s needs to have this balance other wise people leave wich when the ST squads got waffle stomped and the reg lost a more relaxed competent leader the server lost a substantial amount of players, new players don’t want to be yelled at, they want to see what the server provides.
  13. Bepis

    Cuff Model

    yea theres never been Q menu models for cuffs on any server. at least ones ive played.