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  1. ScorchX

    Goblin's List of people that made him sad.

    I apologise. I said that when you were in ISB and you were removed for minging and I quote: "If you don't fix up your act and behaviour, you're not gonna get anywhere on this server". It was some constructive criticism and you used it well. You are loved and sorry not sorry.
  2. ScorchX

    Something that could save the server.

    I did say that Rav passed the idea to me. I got it directly from him, not from some random conversation in a random discord. I also said at the bottom that Rav gave me the idea. All credit goes to him.
  3. ScorchX

    Something that could save the server.

    No new management, same management as we have now. I mean, Gaps and Funk and Skye and Steel and Leki and essentially everyone great could join back and help the server. Faith may be lost but it can be restored, like the server.
  4. ScorchX

    Something that could save the server.

    I agree tbh, they were great members of the community but we shouldn’t just throw everything away. We should at least attempt a sever revival.
  5. ScorchX

    Something that could save the server.

    I mean, he threw the idea my way yeah but I did put my own spin on it. Honestly I forgot to credit him. Editing now.
  6. Well, the server is shutting down but in my opinion it could be saved. An idea was thrown my way about saving the server and I think it could be really good and could honestly work. What I am talking about is a complete server reset. TM was great in the past and it was the top contender to takeover Imperial Gaming but it fell off and has dropped severely. I think setting everyone back to an ST Private and resetting everything except OOC ranks such as staff and Donator etc could be what the server needs to be revived. Think about it, TM was gold in the past but now it’s fallen off. The only way we can restore it is by resetting the sever to day 1, and starting over, with the same staff and management (the em team would be fixed as well over time) and everyone would have a fresh start. CO applications for CO’s would be made and all the jobs would be rechosen to fit the way the server would want to head. This could be exactly what TM needs to be revived, instead of making a community then throwing it all away as soon as the server starts to go south. You can argue that it has been going south for a long time but nothing major has been done to fix it, so it’s time to do the major changes the server needs, repair it and restore it to its further prime. Our Management team is great, our staff team is just as good but our EM team is a topic for another time. If everyone were set back, with CO apps and new IHC, the server could survive and become the thriving server it once was. Heading in a new direction with a different management team from before, we could reshape the server and lead it in the correct direction than before and make it the server it used to be. This is probably the best way to save the server, and honestly, maybe the only way left. If people aren’t willing to put in the effort again to get their ranks, idfk what to tell you but this is the only way we can save the server that I can honestly see succeeding if done correctly. We need to man the fuck up and save this community. It’s a community I have worked hard in, and so have many others. So let’s save it. ~ Scorch (I got the idea from Rav_boi btw)
  7. ScorchX

    Scorch’s Final Countdown

    I can't really say shit to that cause when you became a trainee, I said to not let you pass as you weren't good enough. How wrong I was lmao, I also recruited Fisher and shit as well, back when Ajax was the CO. I'll add your mention now stupid.
  8. ScorchX

    Head Event Master Change | Sudo

    No one isn't going to tell you that to your face except Sudo, me and others cause we actually give a shit about the way the EM team is going/has gone
  9. ScorchX

    Head Event Master Change | Sudo

    Rebuttal to this: No wonder we get 1 event a night, maybe 2. If EMs are having to write out hour-long events step-by-step, no wonder the Event quantity isn't there, nor the event quality. If EMs can't "wing it" then Idk what to tell you except you have under-experienced EMs. I understand going into Single Player and planning the event on a map the server has but writing out your Events is trash and wouldn't help. The smooth takeover could work but most things you would do isn't what you would put down on paper and with said EMs who take over think differently to the EM who made it, which if the EM who took over can't do the event properly, then the event is ruined. 0 point to having them write out their events. The announcements don't do jack to improve the event master team, it's just an advertisement that an event is happening and the handbook would be a good idea if you got bomb EMs to write it, and no offence, we don't have those EMs on our team which has caused the server to die out with no fun and little RP (Thire is a perfect example of this, he left because of the issues of the EM team). The last good event made was the ISB v IHC war in my opinion, and that wasn't even run by EMs. All the other events from then on haven't been at that level at all, not even at the level they used to be during April, May and June, where the EM team and events were amazing, fun and inclusive. Also, the fact we have high-ranking EMs who don't do events or even play the server often, such as Grumpy is a serious problem. We fill the EM team up with EMs who are one of three things. 1. Aren't active/doesn't do enough events 2. Can't run good events 3. Doesn't know how to run a good event in the first place
  10. Well, there won't be next week which is a fat L for the server. Thanks for telling me though, it's an honour anyways.
  11. ScorchX

    Scorch’s Final Countdown

    Thanks man. It’s appreciated, even now when the server is dead. TM will be my learning curve while I go to other servers and earn shit. Thanks again ❤️❤️❤️
  12. Well, it appears all will come to an end on 15th of September. Sadly I have never gotten anywhere on [TM], it’s quite scary thinking back that 3 days of minging can reflect on decisions, even now. I wish that the server closed on September 20th, so we can have a final raid event where we raid ISB, IHQ, FOHQ the Medical Bay, Engine room, Everywhere. Will stay with the server till the very end but I want to give a big thanks to the following for being the greatest out there: Thire: Epic Lad | The Past IHC (Skye, Steel, Dave and Leki) | Beans: Sick *** and such a good mate while you were on the server | All the VF Mates | @Koopa: Bloody Legend | @WalrusBorn: Keep guarding ISB till the very end sook | @HaydenAbo: Legend, should’ve +1’d ur app for Staff | Bot: Can’t even say how much I respect your *** (can’t even p*** a CL3 test) | Boom: Probably the guy who I have the absolute most respect for. Live large and keep doing what u doing you bloody legend of a CO. | The people from JT (not Phoenix) | Triple: Godman, best CS trainee, sorry I almost got you kicked until I went over your shit and realised you would be good with the proper training, so I kept you in. Best decision I have ever made except applying for EM. =============== I’m gonna miss TM, first server I really got serious on. I will continue the legacy with me. Catch me in a bit and If I ever here TM making a comeback, Imma yeet from whatever server I’m on and make a big return. Thanks management for making this server great. Sad to see it go. ❤️❤️❤️ to TM and everyone on there, including my haters. My final countdown. 8 Days. Sincerely, Scorch.
  13. Withdrawing application. Server is being shut down.
  14. ScorchX

    HaydenAbo's Transfer to Staff Application

    On the contrary, if I +1’d ur application, it would get you closer to staff. I don’t think we need any more staff at the moment considering we have 3 Trial Moderators and a lot of moderators at the moment.