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Found 1 result

  1. Lekilloo

    ST Squads Explained

    The ST squads have recently received a lot of negativity from other regiments and after looking into some of the responses I've realised most of the people who are against ST squads have been misinformed of their purposes. This post is probably going to be a long one so I'll do a quick summary of my main points: ST squads have roles that are clearly defined and are specifically made to not intrude on other regiments roles. There is no spec ops group and the recon group function entirely differently to SC. ST squads have NO SPECIAL EQUIPMENT. They have the same loadout as a regular stormtrooper. STs are a regiment just like any other, we deserve to have members and we shouldn't be punished for working hard to succeed. (At the bottom I'll show some of my responses to concerns people had about the squads) ROLES EXPLAINED 4 squads each with one leader. 5 members in each squad including the leader (smallest number thay works best with formations). Alpha (Red)- Regular assault team Bravo (Blue)- Close quarter assault team Charlie (Yellow)- Scouting Delta (Green)- Guarding Squads have no special weaponry, items, nothing. Alpha are generally a mid range team, trained within their team to quickly and effectively form attack formations such as firing lines and loose wedges. They will be trained so that as they move up and advance without their formations falling apart and they can cycle positions when they need medical attention to keep a constant rate of fire on the enemy. Bravo are a close range team, STs often get assigned to moving into buildings with small hallways where there's not a lot of room and things get chaotic and messy. Instead of sending the entirety of STs in and risk friendly fire we would send in Bravo team to avoid messy situations. Bravo will be trained to quickly and efficiently group up into formations such as advanced firing line and will specifically be trained to avoid friendly fire, so they have ability to not only hit their targets but also to avoid each other in small spaces and effectively communicate with each other to avoid killing team mates. Charlie are scouts, but not quite in the same way storm commandos do recon. SC are their own regiment, I can't order them around and nor have I tried to. When STs are completing tasks in events we're rarely paired with SC anyway and sometimes we need some small scale scouting done, I can't order Storm Commandos to abandon their tasks given out by the Major Generals purely because I need some people to tell me if they can see anything when they stand on a hill. It's a waste of Storm Commandos time. If we're setting up a defensive perimeter during an event and I recognise a vantage point where we could get more information from having troopers on, or if we need an alternate entry point into a building, I need to know that I have troopers not only competent in climbswep but are able to climbswep world props when required as well and can quickly and concisely report back to me on what they find . These guys won't have things like grappling hooks that SC does so of course SC will be able to continue their jobs in a far more effective way than STs ever could, so they don't need to feel threatened that Charlie will intervene with their duties as they will almost always be able to perform the job to a better and faster standard. Charlie squad also will not perform recon for the army as a whole unless ordered by a major general, they will solely report to me as to not impose on SC's job. Delta are guards. Delta was not part of the original three squads made however was requested by regional government to be made to guard reg gov. These guys are trusted and known among higher ups. For the main part they guard reg gov but also will fill in for guarding regiments at their stations when they are requested to. Although we have a few guarding regiments on the ISD none of them cross over in each other's areas, DT does not ever guard IHC and Nova would not guard the bridge nor should they be expected to. Delta is there as a trusted group to guard these areas, prior to Delta being made I often had regiments requesting STs to fill in for their guard duty while they were on special assignments, had training etc. and it was difficult to know what STs I could rely on to stay on their post and not allow other STs in, which is why Delta is a fundamental squad for STs. In events these guys all work under my command as a group, when Major Generals are assigning duties in events they should not give each squad a task they should give the whole regiment a task which myself and the squad leaders will determine how we can best utilise the squads to all accomplish the job together instead of seperating and taking jobs that could easily done by more specialised regiments. SPECIAL EQUIPMENT STs do not have any special equipment, there were thoughts about introducing but it's been decided collectively we don't need special equipment to perform the duties they have been set to do. It will make their jobs more difficult but it also sets us apart from regiments skill wise. If troopers enjoy their role in the squad and decide they want to have the ability to perform it better and pursue it then they would be more inclined to tryout for a regiment what they have been trained to do in their squad. In summary members of a squad are loadout wise no different from any other ST. A lot of people don't realise the work that has gone into STs to make it as is. At the time when I first created the proposal for ST squads nearly 2 months ago, STs was chaos. I had just become CO and whenever myself or Burner weren't on it was essentially masses of ST privates and lance corporals that were minging. People complained about the amount of minges and I was getting frequent headaches from dealing with all of them so I decided I needed to make STs more serious and for that we needed to retain players to improve the hierarchy. These squads have gone through 4 iterations before I finally decided to implement them. This wasn't something we decided on a whim it was a long term thing we have worked on. Potential Squad Leaders were watched for a good amount of time before they were offered their positions and they have all worked hard; Bepsi has made every squads PAC, Bryan spent as much time as possible around his troopers training and developing special formations, Xeno and his squad are almost always found guarding somewhere and rarely have free time around the ship, Matteus has stepped up and helped with the organisation of STs. The squads have been performing exceptionally well, we're almost always found in the placings for events, minging has gone down and STs are having fun just enjoying the server and each other's company. A few members of STs have recently been arguing about squads with other regiments, I understand people don't appreciate it but please understand that it is frustrating for them to something they've all worked hard to build and enjoy to be potentially taken away from them. On the theme of taking away other regiments players we've found that STs do not often check comms, when you put out a simple "We're holding tryouts at MH1" comms message it's not interesting to STs so they'll more than likely blank it out. If you want more members then work and brainstorm with your regiment how you can retain/gain more players. Tryouts and small comms messages are not enough, you need to do more than that. Most STs stay here because they enjoy that they feel valued and the SGTs+ within the reg do their best to keep troopers occupied with training or patrols all the time, the squads are different to other servers and people are sick of playing server clones, we're not IG and we shouldn't pretend we are. People need to do new things with their regiments if they want people to be interested. You need to be constantly working with and approaching people, take note of STs skills in events, give them praise when they deserve it and listen to your troopers, 90% of the best decisions I've made that have built STs to be what is it are from having frequent meetings with other people and regiment members to listen to their ideas. PM people and offer them a position in your tryout instead of just standing at MH1 doors waiting for people to show up. I'm more than willing to help other regiments plan trainings with them combined with STs to encourage members to move on to new regiments, but please. We have worked hard to be where we are and I don't understand why we should be punished for success. I have a report in which Funk worked on for a while where people offered their opinions on the ST squads, huge shout out to Funk because it really helped me see what the problems people had with ST are. I've put my response under each quote to clear up any misconceptions people appeared to have. For all those people still not convinced by this post I suggest you read the report here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/15IxEWWr4P6BpIRomsrqrnVdR27Nvq1aNMh4CDsn4CgQ/edit?usp=sharing I really want to see everyone's opinions on the squads now that things are cleared up so please let me know how you guys feel, +1s and -1s are appreciated so we know what to work on. If anyone wants more information just send me a PM on discord: Lex#1144