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Found 2 results

  1. Name: Green Guy SteamID (Steamid.io): STEAM_0:0:424360348 Steam Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/TGLYT/ Discord Name (Name####): Green Guy#9198 Age: 13 years and 10 months Previous Infractions (Bans, Warns and Kicks): None Time on the Server(Minimum 4 days.): N/A (server not up yet) Why do you want to become a member of the TM Staff Team? Because I was a player of the original server, I really like the community of it and want to help it and make sure it’s safe and fun for everyone even though I am only 13 (almost 14) I can stay pretty calm during tense situations and I feel like that can help defuse the arguments going on so more people can tell their side of the story, which is a good skill for a Moderator to have Define the following terms: RDM: Random Death Match, when someone kills someone for no reason, this may seem like not a big deal but for other people it can really be annoying and then the next thing you know your in an staff sit NLR: New Life Rule, when someone dies then they can’t kill the person who killed them just because they killed them as in RP they would be a new person FailRP: Fail RolePlay, the failure to RolePlay (AKA Minges) which are people are only join the server to cause chaos NITRP: No Intent to RolePlay, These people are like the FailRPers as both only join to minge most of the time and they will most likely RDM for stupid reasons L2AP: Leave to avoid punishment, pretty self explanatory, it’s when someone leaves the game to avoid a punishment (arrests, staff sits, ect) and will most likely change their name the next time they join the server Section II: Scenarios I ) Player A has just RDM’d player B, and Player A is claiming that it didn’t happen. How do you proceed? First I check the logs to see if it did happen, then I would ask both of them what happened, just to see what kind of person they really are, for future reference. If the RDM did happen then I would give the RDMer a Server warning, however they’ll get a verbal warning if they are being truthful, unless it has happened a lot of times. II ) Player B has threatened to Dox players on the server, how do you proceed? If someone is dumb enough to attempt to Dox the server the they just deserve a BAN! But seriously, this can be a real problem so if it’s reported then I’ll ban that person as I want this to be a happy community III) There is a player requesting a perma-prop, but you’re aware that you are unable too as a Trial Moderator. What do you do? I would ask what the prop is for, if it’s for a valid reason (office, new bunks, ect) then I would call over an Admin to get it perma-proped but if none are online then I would go to the admin chat (if we have one) on Discord and ask for one IV) Player B has just joined the server, they have changed their name to racial slurs and is refusing to cooperate with staff instruction to change it. How do you proceed? Ask them one last time to change their name and that they will be warned and kicked if they continue. If they continue, well, don’t say I didn’t warn them, our server doesn’t tolerate that stuff Sign Here: Green Guy
  2. This is an expression of interest into the role of Commander (CL3) within one of the Server's regiments. Any community member may add a +1 or -1. Please: 1) Add as much detail as possible and elaborate on answers 2) Be as honest as possible, that's the only way we can make sure you are ready for the responsibility 3) Take your time, this isn't a test and we want the best possible application you can present 4) Edit. Fix all grammatical errors and add proper punctuation 5) Do NOT harass staff about this application, everyone will be reviewed and announced eventually 6) Do not plagiarise, any copy-pasting will result in the test being overlooked/OOC punishment 7) Answer all questions fully to the best of your ability If you have an ACTIVE Commanding Officer, Do NOT apply All selected applicants will have an interview conducted by a member of management. Good Luck! - Dusty & Bert! Please copy the format and submit on the forums: Section I: General Name [In Character]: Green Guy Discord Name: Green Guy#9198 STEAMID: STEAM_0:0:424360348 Current Regiment: Umm, ST I guess Past Regiments on The Museum (Write none if ST): ST, Naval Guard, Navy, ISB Age : 13 gonna be 14 in 2 months 🙂 Section II: Questionnaire What Regiment do you hope to command/2IC? (Multiple are allowed) (Please check the list before answering) Shock but if I can’t be that then DT Describe your chosen regiment/s role aboard the ISD and during events. Elaborate. Shock: To detain rebels and other threats on the ISD in events and during regular RP I patrol the ship and make sure everyone is up to Imperial standards DT (backup): I guard ISB and make sure they are save while also detaining rebels and threats for interrogation by ISB Why do you want this position? Elaborate. Because I feel like I am a good CO that won’t be too harsh but also be harsh enough to support serious RP Why should we pick you over other applicants? Because I have some experience as a 3IC on another Imperial RP server that would help me in this position Describe yourself in three words. Fun Approachable Over-excited How active can you be a week? Elaborate. I can be very active during the week as I can play after school for about 1-2 hours a day, and on weekends I can play for 4-5 a day (I have no life I know) Latest Commanding Experience. Elaborate. How Long? What Server? Rank? 3IC Vanaheim | Imperial RP | Clerk (Reg Gov) I have completed the application and accept that I will not harass staff and accept the fact that I may not be chosen for a position.
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