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The Museum SWRP Rules

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  1. --General Rules--
  2. 1. No Minging
  3. 2. No RDM
  4. 3. Don't break NLR
  5. 4. Don't FailRP
  6. 5. Don't Metagame (using information from OOC and using it in roleplay)
  7. 6. No bullying, harassment or racism
  8. 7. Have an appropriate name
  9. 8. No Advertising
  10. 9. Troopers cannot shoot Jedi/Sith at anytime in RP or events unless they attack them
  11. 10. Use common sense
  13. --Sith Rules--
  14. 1. Do not use force powers you do not know. You should only use deflect and leap
  15. 2. Igniting your lightsaber is considered as discharging your weapon and that is an arrestable offence
  16. 3. No force choking in events
  17. 4. Sith have no military power, even when assigned to a regiment. Therefore, Sith cannot order troopers at any time. This does not apply to Lore Sith
  19. --Regiment Rules--
  20. 1. Do not mass promote members in your regiment without permission.
  21. 2. Do not disrespect other regiments.
  22. 3. To be promoted from Corporal>Sergeant, from Master Sergeant>Officer Cadet or from Major>Lieutenant Colonel, you need to take a test organised by Regional Government.
  23. 4. If you are a military trooper, you must salute to all superiors.
  24. 5. If you leave, get PK'd or switch regiments. You go down 4 ranks. EG if you are Major, you would be set to WO1 in your new regiment.
  25. 6. You must wait a minimum of 3 days from the time you joined a regiment to leave
  26. 7. When you are hosting tryouts, You are allowed to have an AOS or KOS sign for that specific area
  • When you have an AOS Sign. If they enter, They can be instantly AOSed
  • When you have a KOS Sign. If they enter, They must be warned at least once before you can kill. If they leave the area, They can be AOS
  1. --Security Rules--
  2. 1. No random arresting (RDA)
  3. 2. Don't tase event character unless approved by hosting event masters
  4. 3. After detaining a prisoner, you must list correct RFA (reason for arrest) codes in comms to validate their arrest.
  5. 4. All event characters may be interrogated unless disapproved by the hosting event master.
  6. 5. You may not interrogate anybody not accused of a crime or wrongdoing. All players are innocent until proven guilty.
  8. --Promotion Rules--
  9. [TM] Promotion Times  - Per Rank - [May very depending on specific circumstances]
    -CL1-  2+ Days 
    -CL2- 4+ Days
    -CL3- 8-9+ Days
    -CL4- 15+ Days
    -CL5- 25+ Days
    -CL6- Management

    - Promotions can only be given out by 2nd Lt and above -
    - When being promoted to a higher CL - 2 to 3 you must complete your CL tests before being promoted -
    - CL tests are done through Regional Government - 
    - Do not mass promote, if you're caught mass promoting you will be  demoted to a rank Management decide -
    - You must remain in a regiment for a minimum of 3 days before leaving/trying out for another -
    - Players making the jump from CL1 to CL2 needs IHC approval to get promoted -

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