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Rebel Rules

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What are Rebels?

Rebels are a 'Second' life for certain donators that allow them to engage the players in occasional Player v Player combat. Donators who have purchased the Tiers 1-3 packages have access to the job, and within boundaries set below, they are able to attack the ship and engage the players during downtime to spark some activeRP. Rebels should attempt to engage in RP if possible instead of solely hunting everyone down for blood. 

Rebels are not a second life that can be used for constant RP, they are to be used on occasion to engage the ship and players onboard in active roleplay. They should be using this role as a means of fun, and ultimately a means of roleplay. Examples of this could theoretically be kidnapping a Sergeant, and attempting to bargain for his life back. TRY AND KEEP THINGS FRESH!!! 

General Rules:
There is to be a maximum of eight (8) rebels and/or Jedi at any time. Exceeding this limit will result in the operation being shutdown by staff on the server.
Remember that Staff have the final say, and if they say to stop, stop.
If an event is planned, and the Event Master announces that there are to be no more rebel attacks, cease planning and immediately return your primary roleplay character.
This is by no means a second life, this rebel role is to be used exclusively as what is listed before. If there isn't an attack, don't play as the role. This means that immediately after an attack has ceased, change back.

Attack Rules:
You may attack the ship with two (2) or more rebels.
Attacks may only be conducted once every forty-five (45) minutes, and staff will have timers to ensure this is being followed.
Once you have died during an attack, return to your regular roleplay character.
Attacks may not be pushed if the ship is in the vicinity of the Death-star.
Try and avoid areas in which people are conducting tryouts or training.

Rebel Commander Rules:
With a rebel commander, you are able to organize more ship types, and more extensive attack methods.
An attack may only consist of a maximum of three (3) x-wings, A-wing or Y-wing at any one time.

Rebel Demolitionist Rules:
You are not to place more than three (3) det-packs down at any one time.
You are not to spam Grenades or rockets.

Rebel Spy Rules:
Rebel Spies may enter the ship, and impersonate any CL2 or lower role. This person has to be online. (This may be done at any time)
You are able to steal information, and once returning to the HOTH planet, you can return it and event-masters will use the information gathered.
There is a limit to the extent of information that you can steal. For example, you can't blatantly steal "Every Imperial Operation" or "The Emperors Password" or more importantly "The Deathstar"

Golden Rule:
You shouldn't exclusively be in it to kill everyone, try and engage everyone in fun.

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