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Aiden Nine

Aiden's Event Master Application

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Aiden's Event Master Application:

A quick thankyou to Phantom who read some of this before it was posted just to see I was righting the correct things 


Ingame Name: Aiden [2IC]


Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:54265080


Time on the server (minimum 1 day): 3 days, 19 hours and 35 minutes as of writing this


Any warnings or bans on the server, list their durations and reason:  No bans, no warns.


Age (14+, if you are younger speak to the Head Event Master): 17


Do you own a microphone?: Yes


Do you have experience with the following:


Default Gmod tools (Creator, duplicator etc)?: TONS. I would consider myself an expert.


ULX Commands?: Little to no experience, all I know is !bring name. I would be happy to learn how to use ULX and I hope you guys give me a shot despite this


NPC Tools?: Very little, I have tried using it in the past in single player. As I said above I am happy to learn.




Why do you want to apply for Event Master? (minimum 50 words)

I love the idea of being able to create my own little story in this fictional universe that we have recreated inside a video game. I feel like event masters make a mark on the community and are one of the major reasons this game mode works at all. I want to help make this game an even more enjoyable experience, and I want to become an event master for I can learn what is best for the players and give them what they want while also showing them something new.


What do you think you can bring to the event? (minimum 50 words)

I think I can bring some crazy yet interesting events to the server. I may not have much experience but I have some great ideas I think you will be happy to hear. One thing I have seen during events is that they mostly don't go to plan (not the EM's fault), so I would embrace this idea, making the event unpredictable and sometimes random but in a fun way. If I make an event I going to have FPS, regiment involvement, player count and server limitations in mind to make sure the event is the best experience for everyone.


Do you have any experience on any other servers, list the rank you held and time holding that rank:


Sadly no, I never have been interested before or dared to write an application, but seeing this servers community makes me want to make my mark on the community and make it even better.


Do you think you can perform well with other event masters and work well as a team?:

I don't know that many event masters, but I do see myself as a friendly person and I'm always willing to make new friends and work together to get what's best for everyone. I understand if someone is hosting an event it's not my place to intervene with it unless its something that I know could go very wrong, but I would, of course, inform the person before doing anything (their event their rules).




Write an event plan, be sure to include event characters, maps and a clear storyline.:

Quick note: I'm not sure how events are EXACTLY done so if something is wrong or doesn't seem right please comment and I will fix it as best as I can, thank you.

Basic Summary:

A planet is going to get burned by expanding star. Planet has a research facility for [Redacted]. Troops have 15 min before its too late and the star expands and takes out life on the surface of the planet. Troops must find the facility, disassemble 3 prototypes of the technology being researched and move scientist to a safe zone (where, in RP, they will be picked up). They must also find a console and extract all facility data. While doing this a small band of citizens turned rebel will attack the base trying to get off the planet using the dropships.



Ok troops here's the mission. We have a secret research facility in the Lothal Sector in the Atollon System. The facilities goal was to design and build prototype kyber crystal focus beams for [REDACTED]. Why am I telling you this? Well, the star the Atollon system has is expanding into a Red Giant, wiping out all life on the planet Atollon, on which the facility is located. The star has already caused damaged and has taken down the facilities major communications a-ray. It is unable to send its important schematics off-world, and all emergency transports have left without the schematics. Some emergency transports where damaged, leaving a few guards and researchers at the base. The star is reaching the final stages of its expansion and its not long before it fully expands and all information is lost. Due to the importance of the information, we are being deployed to retrieve the schematics along with 3 prototypes from the base. Mission details below...

Mission Details:

We will be deployed on the planet Atollon, not far from the imperial research facility. Once we will get to the facility we need engineers to disassemble 3 prototypes of the focus beams and get them ready for transport, we will need the schematics to be downloaded from the base systems and we will need all remaining staff to be evacuated and brought to the IDS. We will designate safe zones within the facility to bring remaining staff and prototypes. These safe zones mark where dropships will land for evacuation. Only two things stand in our way, the time we have before the start expands and wipes all life on the planet, and a small rebel threat. We have an estimate 15min until the star expands once we land. The local population that was unable to escape the planet though they deserved a transport to leave and have betrayed the empire. They are going to raid the facility in the hopes of finding a means of transport. We cannot let the rebels enter the facility. Good luck troops and don't fail me...

How it plays out:

Map: gm_diprip_dam

Pre-event setup:

The Dam wall will be the location for the research facility. I will add a Sun effect and colour it orange with a red outline, it will be positioned above the dam for troops get a good look at it after they are released. There is 3 entrancing too it, left, right, middle to simply put it. I will block off the left and right entrance forcing them to go through the middle. The middle entrance looks like a giant explosion caused the whole, this will also be the reason the communications a-ray is damaged. The reason the other entrances are blocked it because they are stuck on lockdown and cant be reopened. I will have a dupe of the prototype of the focus beams. I will place 3 normal ones scattered around the lab and 1 broken one with emitters and placeable effects making sparks and fire. I will also place a couple of console dupes with most of them damaged, once again with emitters and placeable effects. The consoles will be used to extract the prototype schematics. Near the consoles and prototypes, I will spawn researcher NPC's(models referenced below). I will make safes zones by outlining them with rope, where the researchers and disassembled focus beams will be brought to. These safe zones will be near the left and right entrance which are block off. In the last couple of minutes before the sun expands the left and right doors will open allowing for the researchers and troops to get on dropships and leave. Guards will be spawned at the middle entrance placed in a defensive position. Placeable effects will be spawned at the entrance as well to add effect. Once this set up is done and troops are released, rebels and citizens(with guns) will be spawned in front the base, and out of sight of troops, that will start interacting with the guards. This is to make the troops feel like they are the cavalry and that they have saved the day.


During the event:

How mission success is achieved*:

Troops arrive out in front of the base and kill the rebels. They enter the facility and look for prototype focus beams and consoles. They will comms in that they have found it and start extracting the schematics or dissembling the prototype. If they find people they will lead them to a safe zone inside the facility. During that waves of rebels will attack. It will start with mostly citizens and little rebels but then that ratio will go more towards rebels as time goes on. Once all objectives are complete they will request evacuation. I will tp any ISC not busy and get them to fly the dropships. Once evac has been requested I will stop spawning rebels and citizens. Dropships will land at all sides of the base and pick up troops. Researchers will be slowly removed(indicating they have entered the dropship. If this part takes too long I will start spawning Rebels again to put pressure on them. Dropships lift off and we change map back to the ISD


How the mission could go wrong*:

  • Run out of time and either:
    • Prototypes aren't dissembled and transported
    • Researchers aren't moved to a safe zone and loaded on transport
    • Schematics aren't retrieved
    • Rebels keep people from making it to the dropships

*How each is achieved is just based on what I think but anything could happen. Players are unpredictable and they could shoot the guards or scientists or destroy the prototypes to get the fail, or engineers could repair the communications a-ray and send all base details to get the success.

Possible outcomes:

Mission Success:

Troops were able to get all the objectives complete. The data received will be given to the appropriate regiment while the disassembled prototypes will be placed into MH1(like it was taken off a transport). ISO can organise where the parts will be sent too, navy can plot a course, and then a pilot can fly it out of the ship. This would add to the story and make it more realistic


Mission Fail:

Troops couldn't complete all or some objectives. When back on the ship. Engineers will be tasked with constructing a droid to send to the surface. They could talk to ISO in ordering thermal protection for the droids. Droid could be sent back to the planet to try and retrieve or take pictures of things left behind. This would allow for some more role-play after the event and put a bit of emphasis on the data, because of the lengths we are going to get the data even after a mission fail.

Event Characters:

Rebel Characters -

Citizen: models/Humans/Group01/male_09.mdl weapons: tfa_dh17_extended

Rebel trooper: Npc_vj_rebeltrooper


Imperial Characters -

Researcher: models/crewman/inferno_squad_crewman.mdl no weapons

Guard: models/machine/phoenix/empire_base/female_k_01/ku_female_01_black.mdl Weapons: tfa_ee3_extended


Debrief Script:


The mission was successful, all mission objectives were complete and you managed to get out of there in time. Army battalions, I saw some good shooting out there, engineers, good job on getting us those parts, naval(or whoever got the data), we got all the data we needed, great work. The data has now been handed over to ISB and the parts shipped off elsewhere, this mission has helped the empire dearly. Good job everyone, you have fought well for the empire. (then regimental placements and promotions)



The mission was a failure. (now it would either go with option 1 or 2 depending on the type of failure)

  1. We were unable to get what we needed and the empire has had a big cost for it, I'm disappointed in you troops. We are going to get some droids on the surface to try salvage what's lefts, making this your deployment a giant waste of time, dismissed (no placements or promotions)
  2. You could barely hold off the tiny rebel force out there, the rebels and our troops were vaporized by the sun, you have let me down and I'm unpleased with your effort. New troops will need to be transferred here but in the meantime, we need to try to get droids to the surface. I'm hoping those troops didn't die for nothing.....for your sake, dismissed (no placements or promotions)

Event Ideas: Just a google doc of ideas I have in my head for events. They won't be as detail as the one above though.


-Do you swear you will obey the following-


Do you swear to not abuse your powers under any circumstances?:


I, Aiden Lewis, Swear I shall not abuse my powers under any circumstance.


Do you swear you will not jump in on staff matters UNLESS there is no staff present?:


I, Aiden Lewis, Swear I shall not interrupt staff matters unless no staff is present.


If you are accepted, are you aware you must be an active player on the server and producing events regularly?:


Yes, and I don't see this as a problem because I already have fun on the server and have so many event ideas bundled in my head.


Sign here: A.Lewis


Extra Note: This is my first time applying for something on any forums so it would be nice if I could get some feedback for I can make this application better and any future ones, thank you.


First Edit: Added a quick summary of the event, and made changes to the wording in the story

Second Edit: Added google doc link of event ideas at the bottom of the event planning. Added extra note at the bottom.

Third Edit: Added more information to the story

Fourth Edit: Added A BUNCH of more detail to Pre-event setup, During the event, possible outcomes and debrief script. I hope this is now enough

Fifth Edit: Changed my age, it's my birthday 😄

Edited by Aiden Nine

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- Seen you minge quite a bit, especially while building.
- Event Needs More Detail, try to elaborate on the Story and Possible Outcomes.

If you can add enough detail and I mean quite a bit more detail, I'll +1

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Posted (edited)
On 8/10/2019 at 8:49 AM, ScorchX said:


- Seen you minge quite a bit, especially while building.
- Event Needs More Detail, try to elaborate on the Story and Possible Outcomes.

If you can add enough detail and I mean quite a bit more detail, I'll +1

There is nothing I can do about my past minging but I have stopped.I will add more detail to the main event and might re-word it all to do so (while keeping the same story), but I won't add more detail to the google doc events, those are just random ones I come up with that I quickly write down. Thank you for the feedback and I hope I can change that neutral to a plus one.

Edited by Aiden Nine

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2 hours ago, ScorchX said:


- Seen you minge quite a bit, especially while building.
- Event Needs More Detail, try to elaborate on the Story and Possible Outcomes.

If you can add enough detail and I mean quite a bit more detail, I'll +1

+1 from me

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On 8/10/2019 at 10:49 AM, ScorchX said:


- Seen you minge quite a bit, especially while building.
- Event Needs More Detail, try to elaborate on the Story and Possible Outcomes.

If you can add enough detail and I mean quite a bit more detail, I'll +1

Says it all.

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You have sort of been minging a little bit a while ago. I will start to see how you act more in game and then I'll shall confirm my response.

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