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Walrus' Staff App

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Section I: General.


Name: DT-L01


SteamID: 76561198066136314


Steam Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198066136314/


Discord Name (Name####): WalrusBorn#3307


Age: 15


Previous Infractions (Bans, Warns and Kicks): Nil


Time on the Server(Minimum 4 days.): 1 Week 1 Day 11 Hours 


Why do you want to become a member of the TM Staff Team? 

I would like to become a member of the TM Staff Team to improve the experience for all other players on the server, I hate it when the experience of SWRP is ruined by a minge or someone with NITRP. If I do become TM Staff team I would love helping players with anything they need, I would enforce all the rules to the best of my ability. As a TM Staff Member I am the face of the community, how I act reflects on the entire community, knowing this I would act respectful and mature at all times.


Define the following terms:

RDM: When a player kills another player without a cause or with a insufficient reason, the term RDM means Random Death Match

NLR: When a player is killed they forget everything of their previous life (to an extent), this means they cant call an aos on someone who killed them as they have forgotten. New Life Rule

FailRP: When a player doesnt act as they should in their role, E.G. A navy member using the force. Fail Role Play

NITRP: This is when a player has no intent to roleplay and is there soley to ruin other players experience. No Intent To Role Play

L2AP: This is when a player leaves the server to avoid punishments for their actions, E.G. Leaving because you got put in the brig. Leave To Avoid Punishment

Section II: Scenarios


I ) Player A has just RDM’d player B, and Player A is claiming that it didn’t happen. How do you proceed?

I would bring them both to a sit, allow player B to explain his side of the story (if player A isnt quiet I will gag him) then allow Player A to explain his side of the story, if they dont match up I would grab any bystanders and ask them what they saw/heard. If I then had adequate evidence I would warn player A for RDM, if I did not have adequate evidence I would continue to question the story of both parties and continue to ask for information from any 3rd party

II ) Player B has threatened to Dox players on the server, how do you proceed?

I would bring them to a sit to see if they are being serious, I would explain to them how this community frowns upon Doxing other players of the server, if they continued to threaten it and not cooperate I would immediately ban them or if I do not have the power to do that ask someone higher up in the staff team, If no other staff are online I would kick them and if they joined back I would continuously kick them 

III) There is a player requesting a perma-prop, but you’re aware that you are unable too as a Trial Moderator. What do you do?

I would alert a higher up member of the staff team, If there was no other staff online I would tell the player to Adv.Dupe the prop/props for easy access when higher up staff come online

IV) Player B has just joined the server, they have changed their name to racial slurs and is refusing to cooperate with staff instruction to change it. How do you proceed?

I would use the Force Change name command if I had access to it, If I don't have access to that command I would bring them to a sit and explain to them that racism is not accepted on this server, if they continued I would kick them for racism after giving a warn


Sign Here: WalrusBorn

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Posted (edited)

well that was a bruh moment so yeah Imma give a better 1 Walrus is a great member of the community and has been apart of it for a while I believe he has the qualities to be staff +1

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NEUTRAL - Needs more detail. Plus can tend to lose his temper. Other then that he is a good member.

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