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Responding To Applications!

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Hi Team,

I didn't think I would have to write this, but it looks like I do. When responding to applications on the forums there are some basic rules we need to follow:

1) Do not argue on applications. State your criticism / endorsement on the application and let the person respond, that is the end (suggestions is the only exception of this rule, we encourage discussion).

2) Be constructive. Any sort of targeted abuse towards any race, religion, age, gender, etc, is not tolerated. This is a non negotiable, if you cannot give someone feedback which they can then work on, then there is no point in commenting. (e.g. "Hes a retard -1" "-1 I don't think you are capable of being staff, you constantly minge and do not RP")

These are two simple rules, anything the creator of the app does on their own application will only be damaging their own accreditation towards getting what they are applying for. The Senior Admin team and I will be following this closely.



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