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Pac "Poses" (Intermediate)(event)

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I'm making a tutorial on how to make poses or toggable events for pac and bind it to a key

Ok first make a group and name it something like Poses or Actions like I have.

Then make an event by right clicking and selecting "event"

Now these "poses" and "pac keybinds" can be basic or very advanced you just have you use your imagination with the event as you can see in mine below I have made a more advanced event the blue clock inside the event is that when its typing It cancels the "pose" just when your typing but will return to it when you go off from typing.
The bones are a hard thing to do as it requires a lot of patience and practice the bones inside the event means the way your character will hold his body or morph?. the eye icon is another advanced thing to make it so when you walk or run while the event is active makes it so the arms don't move and glitch into the body when you run.


here is what it looks like 


Ok next step
The event should be a "command" in the original event the you create this pose in for the group right down the bottom at the generic tab you would have 3 dots where it says event you wanna click that then search command and click it so its now in the event box

and the name of the find is very important as the key finds the name of the event you created where it says command find simple"behind", the word in the brackets is really important you can have what ever word you want in the brackets but it has to be the same as the keybind for the next step of the event/ bind

Ok now open the console and type - [ bind KEY "pac_event behind 2" ] ok do you get it behind in the console bind the 2 means its toggable.

Ok this tutorial is probably really confusing but its the best way I can explain it.

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