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The Basics of SWRP

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Hi, Welcome to my StarwarsRP guide. I highly recommend you read the rules before you get started. It will give you an insight into how you need to act on the ship.


This guide is a work in progress. There are things missing and there might be a couple of things wrong. If you believe I have made a mistake, please quote it in the replies so I can fix it up 😉


-What is StarwarsRP?-


If you have played on the server, you should know what StarwarsRP is. If you are still unsure. StarwarsRP is a game mode in Garry's Mod that is entirely based around Roleplaying in a Star Wars Universe. Here at The Museum, we are in the Imperial Timeline just before rogue one (Edit if wrong). It is a Serious RP Game mode and the rules are very strict.




When you join Stormtroopers, you will need to set your name to either TK-### or TK-#### (3 = Human, 4 = Clone). This is different for every other regiment

# = Numbers




Faces are mandatory to learn in order to pass training/tryouts and must be learned inside and out. (Picture of faces down below)


Left face = 90 Degrees to the left

Right face = 90 Degrees to the right

About face = 180 Degrees over your right (Basically two right faces)

Front face/Forward Face = Face your Commanding officer (The person testing/training you)

Left/Right Incline = 45 Degree turn in the said direction

Left/Right Decline = 135 Degree turn in the said direction (Inclines and Declines are rarely used but it's still good to know in case you get quizzed in tryouts)




Formations are used in battle/marching and again must be learned to pass training/tryouts (Picture of formations down below)

Here are some Formations


Single Column = Stand in a line behind the Commanding officer

Double Column = Two Columns behind the Commanding officer with enough space for him/her to walk past it

Tight Wedge = Like a Single Column but you have roughly 50% of your model on the Commander's back

Loose/Wide Wedge = Like Tight wedge but with enough space for a Commander to walk through each person

Firing Line = Stand on the left or right of the Commanding officer with your weapon out

Advance Firing Line= Crouch in front of your Commander/other troopers with your weapon out

VIP Diamond (Non-Hostile) = Stand around the VIP in a Diamond shape (Not a box) facing outwards

VIP Diamond (Hostile) = Same as VIP but with your weapons out

Prisoner Diamond = Face at the Prisoner with your weapons out and search the target (Never do this to The Emperor or Lord Vader)

Box = Stand in a Box shape around the Commander and depending on server face where the Commander is facing (If he is facing a wall, face the same wall)




Defcons are the level of threat that the star destroyer is under


Defcon 5 - No Danger, Weapons away unless guarding, Normal Duties

Defcon 4 - Possible Threat. Weapons on Safety (Shift + E + R), Normal Duties and Patrolling Ship

Defcon 3 - Threat Detected. Weapons off safety. Eliminate the Threat and Patrol the Ship

Defcon 2 - Lockdown Important Areas of the Ship (IHC. ISB, Bridge, Engine Room ETC)

Defcon 1 - Evacuate the Ship. Head to Main Hanger One and aboard a ship




If you are very new to Garry's Mod and StarwarsRP, you need to know how to communicate


// or /OOC  = OOC, this means you are not roleplaying and thus are not entitled to do anything IC

/looc Some servers have this but it’s a Local version of OOC, is where not everyone can hear you

/comms This is what is used when trying to talk to everyone IC

/pm (Name) This is where you only want to talk to one person in a group or they are far away

/me This is acting so you'd act it out and not say it like you normally would (/me Grabs the man)

/y This is to talk to a large group of people

/w to talk quietly to people near you

@ This is to contact a staff member in case you are having troubles




Binds are extremely important on the server. You will need to have a certain number of binds to be able to do things easier


To make a new bind, you need to press to tilde key which is at the top left of your keyboard (You can see it down below)


The basic bind commands we use here are (bind (key) "say (message) ; act (the act. eg salute or bow)


Here are some binds you just need to copy and paste in


bind (key) "say /me Salutes with Honour ; act salute


bind (key) "say /me Bows with Respect ; act bow


bind (key) "say /me Strips Weapons, Comms and any other Devices



Ranks are how all SWRP servers use to figure out who is higher than the other.

These are the current army ranks




Regiments are different types of troopers you can join and they all have different abilities. If you aren't interested in being a Trooper, you can become an officer (Navy ISB) or a Sith (Inquisitor, Royal Guard)


The list of Regiments and their current commanding officers can be found in the #info channel on the discord




Well, those are the basic things in StarwarsRP. Below will be some pictures of the training room so you can see everything. I hope we can see you on the server roleplaying. Enjoy!

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